I have cam plus lite but cannot do scheduled recording?

I just got the Wyze Outdoor V2, so far so good. I have also subscribed to cam plus lite which I understand will allow me to do scheduled recording. But whenever I try to configure the start time and video type to motion only, i receive a message saying that i will need a microSD card to set scheduled recording. if that is the case then what kind of recording am i doing with cam plus lite?
Thank for your help everyone!

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It is confusing. But Cam Plus Lite only applies to cloud recordings, and then is only good for >12 second recordings and person detections. For scheduled recordings on the Outdoor Camera you do need an SD Card.


I see. so I still need a SD card.

I buy one of those for every cam I have. It’s a great backup to any network problems, gives you 24 hour coverage, and is well worth it for $9.

I use them all the time, and I have a Cam Plus Unlimited license. :slight_smile:


BTW, if you don’t HAVE to have a battery-powered camera, then all the other Wyze cameras are superior. Take the OG or the V3. They can record continuously all day long, plus have other powers.

Most of the lineup are outdoor cameras now