Allow scheduled recording for Outdoor Cam w/o sd card

Currently the Outdoor Cam will record on a schedule ONLY when a microSD card is installed and ONLY to the microSD card. This is nuts.

The Outdoor Cam should be able to record motion-detected video to the cloud/Events tab on a schedule. This would be very much more convenient for the user who wishes, as I do, to record nocturnal wildlife visits. It would also reduce the amount of video pushed to the cloud that the user then needs to scroll through and delete.

At a minimum the Help information needs to make clear the current situation. I would not have purchased the Wyze Outdoor Cam had I known of the current limitation.

I believe you would be able to schedule the camera to turn “on and off” through the app using rules and if you put the outdoor cam on a cam plus subscription so that it would only record during the on times and having the subscription would remove the cooldown limitations of the free cloud service giving you everything EXCEPT the continuous recording capabilities only afforded to the outdoor cam with an SD card installed. this is the only way I can think of to possibly achieve your goal.

the camera was designed this way as originally cam plus was not available to the WCO and it wasn’t designed to have the same capabilities as the other cameras mainly because of the battery. much of that is mentioned is the FAQ’s sadly in the excitement of a battery operated outdoor cam from Wyze many didn’t think of the limitations imposed by the battery. don’t beat yourself up through, there are many things you can do using the rules. Hopefully this info can give you some ideas in reaching your goal for some facsimile of scheduled recording similar to the other cameras.


Thank you for your reply. I will try using the rules to turn the camera on and off at specific times.

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