Scheduled recordings not viewable/downloadable

I have searched the forum and cannot find an answer and have previously been able to view/download the scheduled recordings from the outdoor camera but now the app appears to do the download with a progress clock showing its retrieving video then presented with a play button, on push goes to typical play window but only shows generic picture (someones blurred loungeroom) and does not play recording and shows 0000 secs of recording (if i remove sd card they are there and i can access them) like I say I have previosly been able to do this and am not sure what has changed, (I did update cam firmware to latest but not sure if this created this issue) thanks for any help

are you attempting to watch it in the Wyze app once it’s downloaded or in your gallery on your phone?

In the wyze app from camera feed “More”/“Album”/“scheduled recordings” - then attempt to download from cam