Video plays but cannot be downloaded

3 outdoor cams with base station
SD card in base station, none in cameras
I had trespassers and I can play the video of them in the wyze app. however, when I press download, the app crashes
I took out the SD card from the base station thinking I would download the file directly, but the file is gone
I’ve tried file recovery but no file can be found

Where is the file hiding? It’s most odd that I can play it through the app, but not download it to my phone, I download files through the app almost daily . Thanks

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Hey, sorry about your issues. All events are stored in the cloud, and the sd card is only for manually initiates recordings and timelapses. If your clicking the playback button you will get your recordings. To view events, click the events tab at the very bottom. Thanks!

I believe the messaging was changed a bit recently, so that could be the cause of your confusion. Cloud events are in the events tab.

Is that what your looking for? If you manually initiated a recording or have enabled continuous recording, then you will want to use the playback button.

The app crash is strange, could you take an app log with Account Tab > Wyze Support > Submit a alog

If you are using cam plus on your cameras there will be no backup to the base SD card. Also I cancelled cam plus on my 4 WYZE cam Outdoor cams twice because I could not download any cloud event videos using Cam Plus, I always got 'failed". I worked with support for about 4 days on this issue last year and never had a fix so I got rid of CP. I tried Cam plus on the cams again last month, still wouldn’t work so I cancelled it 15 min after I got it.

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I have been experiencing this since May. Submitted log after log, talked to chat support even ordered a new Outdoor Camera to see if it was bad …experiencing only on the outdoor cameras the indoor all allow downloading of events. IF Wyze doesn’t support the outdoor cameras in Cam Plus why is it even offered . For security the outdoor cameras are even more critical to be able to download video than indoor in my estimation…the police certainly would like to view if an event occurs at your home or a neighborhood issue.

So can the outdoor camera cam plus event be downloaded??? IF no can you use an sd card in each one and remove to share with police???

If not cancel outdoor cameras on Cam Plus IF you have individual licenses not much help on h limited license though🤬

The outdoor cam does support Cam Plus.

Are you having the issue where the app is crashing when trying to download events from the events tab, or a diffrent issue?

Could you share your ticket number from support and your log numbers here. Thanks!

I will forward my thread with Oliver regarding this and my comments next . I cannot download any outdoor Wyze cam event to my phone , I can indoor and doorbell pro

Wyze Ticket 2511605

Thanks for the logs. I’m not able to repro this on my iPhone SE 2020, IOS 16.0.

What model and OS version do you have?

Also, what app and firmware version?


The downloaded videos from the WCO go to the phone picture/video album. The screen shot above is of the camera album. :upside_down_face:

Yes, but they are getting an error when hitting download. That’s not supposed to happen

That is why I got rid of cam plus on the 4 WCO I have one and a half years ago. They worked for 6 months until I added a new V3 to CP then I could not download from the 4 WCO. I worked with WYZE on the issue for 2 weeks, they couldn’t fix it. I sent them numerous videos and pictures. As soon as CP was removed from the cams I could download videos again. This was pre-CP Lite. I have a long post on that issue from a long time ago, probably removed by now. Good luck.

This was my issue post.

13 pro 16.1 IOS
2.38.0 (14) Wyze app Cam firmware

That’s weird, I’m using cam plus and have never had this problem. Maybe it’s specific to an OS or something?

@WyzeDesmond can take a look at the logs and other info, thanks both of you for the details.

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Thank you for your email…I agree, frustration is Wyze support says to wait on engineers …strange all 3 of my outdoor cameras won’t download but house cams do with same internet and bars.

If anyway other than Iphone to download I’m ok, just need a work around .but when I need to provide the law enforcement videos and can’t my house or neighbors it’s not good . My sisters outdoor cams working and can download, I just checked her. If a setting I can change im more then happy to change, but so far no support


I have checked all locations of photos , it flat out saying it is failing

Sorry if you already said this, but have you tried downloading them from a diffrent device? Could you share the cam with your sister temporarily and see if they can download the events and then send them to you?

Will try that tomorrow…thank you for idea.

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You think it’s possible I have some setting turned on in my IOS that is preventing it from happening? I have looked at all the Wyze settings and all are turned on that can be . In fact my sister has same phone I do

Anyway will try from my iPad , my husband’s phone, maybe my laptop and my sisters but will she need to on my network or does that matter to download do you think.

I appreciate all your input , all Wyze is offering me is to wait until engineers can look at issue or buy a new camera. Again I have dealt with numerous Wyze chat reps since May on this :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: and gotten more info from you in 1 day.

Thank you


Go to settings, scroll down to the WYZE app, tap the arrow. Next to Photos it should say all photos.
I personally think it is a Cam Plus issue.

All were turned on , tried viewing from another device and still can’t download , even changed settings to auto on camera and created an event and won’t download to phone or iPad on the same network …I could blame it on internet settings but encountering the same issue on Century Link network at primary home in another state and Zona Wyyerd in this state .

I just turned off cam plus for this outdoor camera and created an event and still won’t download that new event to my device :woman_shrugging::woman_shrugging: or my other device .

I’m beyond frustrated. Has to be some setting somewhere or faulty outdoor cameras but that would be 3 bad outdoor cameras .