Download failure on Outdoor Cam

Everything has worked fine until last week. Now none of the recorded motion videos will download. I get message “Failure to download. Please try again later”. Nothing has changed a week later , still recording motion videos but unable to download.

Do you own any other WYZE cameras, like a v2 or v3? Are you able to download those clips from the cloud?

Yes, my other V2 and V3 camera clips download fine. My Outdoor Cam only recently refuses to download clips.

That’s odd. How is your WCO base connected to your network? Is it connected via WiFi or is it connected via Ethernet? Just trying to get more information to help troubleshoot and compare with my configuration.

I have two WCO’s and my base is connected via Ethernet. When motion is detected and event is created, I have no problems download the event clip from the cloud.

WCO connected on ethernet with 3 other non Outdoor Wyzecams. I’ve brought the Outdoor camera inside and have power cycled it to no avail. It records motion detection and creates event but I can no longer download them.

Hmm, have you ensured that your app, WCO, and WCO are all up to snuff with the latest greatest updates? What does Account | Firmware look like? Is everything up to date? Does your play/app store tell you that your WYZE app is current?

Yes, all firmware and Wyze app current. Maybe I’ll try deleting and reinstalling the app?
Also my other 2 Outdoor cams perform fine and I can download video clips.

Hmm, so you have 3 outdoor cams and this problem is only happening with one of them, which you now have sitting inside? I think I would try deleting just that one cam from your app and then set it up again.

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Eureka! Problem solved.

Thank You!


Awesome, please mark my previous post as the solution if you would…
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