WCO download failed

I can no longer download event videos from my 4 outdoor cams. iOS app.2.17.42, base 4.16.113, cams I get the videos on cam+ but when I try to download the clips it says download failed try again. This is on all 4 cameras and they all have a very good wi-fi signal. I can down load clips from the V3 without issue. Ideas??? Base is connected with ethernet.
Took cam down, turned off and on, no change. Deleted and added cam again, no change. Turned base off and back on no change. :persevere:

I deleted two of the cameras and set them up again. I can down load event videos from one of them sometimes and waiting to see if the other will finally work. I submitted a log and got a ticket for this issue so maybe I can get a how to fix answer in the near future from support. Deleted all 4 cameras again and the base station, set up all again. Get all the event videos and notifications fast, like in 5-7 seconds. Now can not download any of the video clips from WYZE from the events page. I even deleted the iOS app and reinstalled that no luck. Ugh!!!

Can one person here with an WYZE Outdoor cam using iOS app and the latest firmware try to download a event clip from their app and let me know if it works please. I haven’t received a reply from WYZE yet, Their email said maybe 48-72 hours for a response to my ticket #1076859. I’m just trying to see if the error is system wide or if my accounts are screwed up. Still able to download clips from the V3 but none of the 4 WCO.

I have the same problem with my WCO right now and I’m on iOS. Wish I could test when this feature last worked but it was down since the 25th and those clips I can save. After I turned it back on last night, no event videos could be downloaded. Latest firmware for both WCO and base station.

Thanks for your time and effort, I really appreciate it.

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I got an email from support today on my ticket for this issue. The sent me the procedure to save time lapse videos to my phone.??? #$@*!!!. I had with reply and explain the issue all again with pictures so they understand :roll_eyes:

I get an error code 6 on both the ios and android apps.

Nightmare on WYZE Street: I am up 10 emails on this issue now. The first bunch were telling me how to download Time Lapse Videos, how to remove the card from the camera to view Time Lapse videos and so on. Then it went on telling me about wi-fi signals. I sent screen shots that show the event videos on the app. I am trying to download, a shot that shows the base is connected via ethernet and all 4 cams have 3 full bar signals. Last night the person from support “helping” me sent me directions on how to use the share and download icons, No @#$%. !!! This is a screen shot I sent to the same person at 11:43 AM on 3-01-21. I am of a firm opinion that some of the support people have never used any of these products.

I am finally able to download videos, but starting from Sunday only. I cannot save any of the previous clips. Very unfortunate because I’m trying to save those video clips.

Well I am up to 11 emails with support and now they haven’t responded again in two days. I still can not download any event clips from the 4 WYZE Cam Outdoor. I can still get all the clips from the V3.

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19 emails with support and the issue still not resolved with downloading events from the 4 WCO. I can download a 10 minute motion event video from the V3 in 1-2 seconds from the app using my phone connected either to my wi-fi network or LTE. I think the issue is on the WYZE/AWS server end. My gear is recording the events and sending them, I can view it but I can’t download it like I could previously. :worried:

My tickets aren’t being responded to. I think escalation will need to be taken up a notch. The videos aren’t even being backup up to the base.

Here’s what I suspect is happening. Somewhere around when the cpu bug was causing the battery to drain. The ai and api endpoint was updated. I think the WCO is triggering the api for an even but it’s not actually uploading or the ai ingetstion portion is not referencing the correct
and final location where the video is stored.

If I could get someone to actually respond. I could likely help to identify where the problem actually is occuring.

I checked the SD card on my base also. There were only 5 event video clips on there since January 2021 though some cams have 7-10 events a day. There were also about 900+ thumbnail pictures though?? All my issues happened after a firmware upgrade on 10 February 2021

After 19 emails and no response for 5 days I called Support yesterday at 9;05 AM Pacific time. The phone was answered on the second ring. The support person had to read through all the emails, then we tried a few more different things like deleting cam plus, didn’t make any difference. Support is now going to send me a different base station to try out. The base sends the event videos to the server so maybe they got corrupted somehow or went to the wrong place ?? I told support the event videos are there I just can’t retrieve them via share or download. Anyway later in the day I saw a way to do a factory reset on the base by pushing the end of a paper clip into the small reset hole that is just up to the left of the USB port used for charging the cams. I haven’t tried that yet but might get brave and try it prior to installing the new base. Either way I will have set up the base again and take the cams down and pair with the which ever base I use. I called 1-844-999-3226

I called today and there were some “problems” that were resolved on Monday. Support couldn’t go into details as to what the problems were.

I tried all the steps with support and I was escalated to engineering because I’m still receiving error 6 and 7: power off for 30 seconds/then on again, deleting then adding the WCO, Rebooting the base, removing/adding camplus, signing out of the app and signing in again.

There were multiple users impacted by the “problems” over several weeks and not a peep from Wyze. If you’re having problems, please call the 800 number above.

I did all the same steps you did plus many more. I don’t have the error codes 06 or 07 just the instant “download failed, Please try again”. We’ll see if the new base makes a difference when I get it but I am skeptical.

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The new base arrived today. Shipping ticket made 3/17/21, shipped 3/24/21 from Seattle to California so the tracking information says. It arrived here in CA about 4:00 Pm today. I will give the new base a try tomorrow and if that doesn’t work I will do a reset on the one I currently have. Since the new one has a different MAC I will have to delete and add my 4 cams again one at a time. The ladder better play nice…

I am back in business as in being able to download my event clips from my outdoor cams again with my original base. My new replacement base did arrive but I have not had to use it yet. The day before I was going to install it I could not even get any of my 4 WCO to even live stream, kept going 3 of 3 something that has never happened it the last 7 months.???. I got Pissed off and pulled the power plug on the base again for about the 5th time. I plugged it back in later on and I found that I could again share or download event clips with the original bae. Well now I have a spare just in case. What a nightmare adventure this has been, Maybe WYZE finally turned the correct switch on or my original base station was worried about running out of unemployment checks??? :open_mouth:

Sharing my experience - it has been a constant back-and-forth with Wyze Support with THREE (3) open tickets.

Yes, the Wyze Cam Outdoor is cost effective. But it is flaky - I wasted too much time already. I give up. I have filed for a return with my credit card company.

Well I just wasted an hour of my time. After all the BS I finally installed the new base that WYZE sent me on April 2nd to see if that would fix the no download issue, My original base worked again for a few weeks and I could download but that quit a week ago. I set up the new base and added all 4 of my cams to it, still no download. I can download from the V3 all day, now even in 1080 HD since the new app for iOS arrived. Zero luck with the outdoor cams. :frowning: