WYZE APP Crashes Every Time I Try To Download and It Never Saves To The Phone

I is impossible to download an event. Every tome I press the download icon, I get “loading…” for a couple of seconds; then the screen goes blank, then It displays the device selection menu. No file has ever been saved to my phone or tablet. Also, I put the SD card in my computer and the event videos were not on it at all.

In the camera settings, do you have the SD card set to continuous recording or event only recording?
If you’ve selected event only recording, they should be there. If you have continuous recording on, then you’ll only get the full recording.

The events tab in the app is the cloud based recording, not the SD card recordings. Though, I don’t know why you are having difficulty downloading those.

What type of phone do you have?

I can find no such settings regarding the SD card. The only thing I see in the camera settings is that the card is present and an indicator of how much space is used. I am using a Samsung Galaxy J7 Crown with Android 9.1 2GB RAM and 32GB storage.

I am guessing you are using the battery powered Wyze Cam Outdoor. Do you have Cam Plus on the camera? If you are using a Wyze Cam Outdoor the SD card will not have any videos on it unless you are doing scheduled event recording or scheduled continuous record. If you are using the powered V3 indoor/outdoor camera that is another different story. I ask about cam plus on the WCO because I had the same issues before and could not download event videos to my phone. I turned off cam plus and the download would work. I cancelled the cam plus. So is your camera a V3 or a WCO ?

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I have a WCO; Brand New. Just set it up yesterday – spent 6 hours on it.

The event videos from the WCO are saved to the SD Card in the Base if you put one in there and have backup to the base turned on. Open the cam from the app, tap the gear icon top right for settings, go to event recording and make sure back up to base is on if you have a SD in the base. For download you need to play the event video to the end and tap either the share icon to send the video to your self or the download icon to save to your phone. I have an iPhone and it requires access to all photos be turned on before the clip will download. Maybe your phone setting allowing access to your Android photo album requires some type of permission setting. EDIT: I just looked on my iPhone and the setting I had to turn on is in the privacy setting/photos and grants access for the wyze app to the photos.

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This is unfortunate. I have been a user for almost 2 years now and just upgraded to Cam Plus. Unfortunately now I cannot download any of the event videos. @WyzeGwendolyn , or other support personal, can you please have this issue fixed? Thank you. I’m pretty sure the wyze app blacking out is essentially the app crashing and then restarting. I’m on android. No issues downloading or sharing till I paid and upgraded to cam plus.

I had the same issue of not being able to download/share events from my 4 WCO so I cancelled the cam plus and download/share works again. I had CP for 4 months and was able to download/share but when I added a V3 and my accounts got combined the WCO would not download. I spent over two weeks and over 20 emails with support without success. I finally figured out that if I turned CP off the cams would work (download) again. I had two phone conversations with support but they couldn’t find a fix so I just cancelled and started using scheduled event recording. Remove the Cam Plus from your cam temporarily and try a download. You can add the CP back if you want to after your test.

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Thank you for this suggestion of the disable CP->download->reenable CP. I shall try that out. It is still quite frustrating that even after you talked to them on the phone they were unable to fix it.

I posted a long thread about this issue one year ago, if I find it I will add a link here.
Found it:

Yeah so I tried to remove the CP from the particular WCO that I want to download the event video off of. However that still has the same issue. Since I prepaid for an annual CP subscription, I don’t want to cancel it just yet to download.

You can try calling them and see if they have a fix. 206-339-9646, good luck. :upside_down_face:

Thanks! I’ll try that and report back here.