Download Event Videos, Cam Outdoor

I am unable to download event videos recorded in the cloud storage. When I select download, the app says loading and then goes to a black screen and resets to the home page. Any thoughts how to fix this?

Does your device give permission for WYZE to access your photo album? The only time I had an issue with not being able to download cloud videos from my 4 WCO is when they had cam plus on them a year or so ago. As soon as I removed the CP they would download.

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The app has permissions to storage. I have Cam plus for all the devices. I submitted log to tech support. Thanks.

I have the exact same problem. I have Cam Plus but I can’t believe that’s causing me NOT to be able to download events!?

It is easy to test. Remove cam plus from the cam temporarily, go out and wave in front of the cam and see if you can down load the event which now will probably just be a picture since cloud recording was changed. My issue was way before cam plus lite and the video/picture change. Assign cam plus back to your cam when done.

Thanks for the suggestion, but it wouldn’t help me download the event that I want to save. There must be a way~

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The event you want to save is on the cloud server. Remove CP from the cam and try to download it.

I am still having the issue. They couldn’t fix with trouble ticket. Told me to wait for update. Not happy.

I tried this, it still just closes the app without download. Thanks

Miracle of miracles, I was finally was able to download the time lapse… I have NO idea why it all-of-a-sudden worked, but it worked… Not sure how this could be a backend thing, as i don’t know all the hooks the camera’s and app have back to Wyze’s servers - maybe something on the backend was fixed.

But i was able to download the almost 8 minute time lapse last night. I didn’t change anything, didn’t reboot or restart anything, just hit the download arrow, it went past the 100% mark and I was able to watch the video…

The day before i updated the firmware, and made sure the app was up to date. I also made sure no other apps were running, and restarted my phone. maybe that did it, maybe not. Personally i think they had something going on with their back-end stuff. try it today and see if it works, just do what i did above.

So, i hope you all get/got as lucky as me and were able to download your videos.


Same problem and tech support just forgot about me. Ready to send both cams back.

They eventually admitted it is a known problem and told me it should be addressed in a future firmware update. Over the past 12 months I have received this answer twice. It is frustrating…good luck.

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