WYZE Cam Outdoor and Cam Plus

WYZE sent an email, 4 devices on Cam Plus for $49.99 a year. I got it and cancelled it again 15 minutes later. My 4 cams will record with cam plus but I can not download the recorded event videos, fails every time. This is why I cancelled the Cam Plus for my 4 WCO the first time in Jan. 2021. I figured it would have been fixed by now or maybe it is just my 4 cameras. I had them on CP from October 2020 to Jan. 2021 and they worked great but when I added my V3 they would no longer download cloud event videos. Is it just my cams or is this a common issue? The raccoons want to know. :raccoon: :raccoon: :thinking: :thinking:

Can’t say that I have EVER had a reason to download an event video, but I tried it on one of V3 cameras on a 37 second recording. Worked just fine - other than my phone asking for permission for Wyze Beta to access my video storage…

The V3 cams work just fine downloading cloud event videos. I am talking about the battery powered WYZE Cam Outdoor. They will download events from Cam Plus Lite but not from Cam Plus. ???

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Sorry, missed that part. I usually ignore most posts for the (in my opinion) so horribly crippled Outdoor cam that it’s almost worthless…

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But Bernardus likes the WCO :rofl:


How is it horribly crippled?

In order to preserve battery life, most streaming and recording functions are not there.

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That’s the case for any battery cam. Get something wired.

I have same issue. It is maddening