Outdoor Cams not recording events, want refund on everything. Very disappointed!

Purchased 3 outdoor cams in May 2021. Recently with new firmware update, which did not work, cams no longer recording events. Defeats the purpose of having cameras and paying annual subscription. Very disappointed. Becoming a big hassle.

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Which cameras? The battery powered WYZE Cam Outdoor and base or the V3 indoor/Outdoor. There are other ways to update firmware besides on the app. like manually with the firmware you can download on to a clean SD card.

Welcome to the forums! In addition to @Antonius 's ideas/questions, what else have you done for troubleshooting? did you verify the settings after the update? Sometimes new updates can revert settings so its a good practice to verify everything after an update or upgrade. did you try and restart the camera after the update? Can you post screen shots of each of your settings pages? Thanks!

This is a user to user community, that’s eager to help when issues arise, but if you wanted to contact the official Support group, here is the contact info.

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Welcome to the Club…Please contact Wyze support and post to what troubleshooting solutions are being recommended. The Beta Testers will try to help…but the Main support is Wyze. I too have been there with Wireless, Battery and QA problems…Also don’t be intimidated by Lemmings here( I just had to say it). :smirk:

Thank you everyone for all the information, and yes I done all the steps that everyone has suggested. Just gets frustrating when you want things to work according to their intended created uses. I will reach out to support once again. Have a great rest of you day all!

Also, no intimidation here​:blush::blush:! Again thanks for your support and wisdom.