Cameras no longer record events or send notifications starting 36 hours ago

As of September 10, 2021 at 821PM, none of the cameras will record events and nothing shows up under Events after that time. I live in a high traffic area, so it is impossible there haven’t been any in over 24 hours, especially when I literally watch a car pass by and check the camera only to see it recorded nothing.

  • I’ve powered cycled every Wyze device well over a dozen times.
  • Each camera has a license valid until 5/2022.
  • I’ve turned off and on all Detection Settings, Event Recording and Notifications settings.
  • Occasionally it says “No microSD card dated in the paired Base Station.” There is and I’ve reformatted it in the Base Station. The Base Station recognizes it.
  • The day before these quit working I applied the latest updates ( cameras/ base station).
  • I’m able to access the cameras normally from the App and view them.

Really have had nothing but issues with these things and wish I could get my money back, but it is too late.

Think I got it sorted it out. Rolled the firmware on the Base Station back to and it started working again. Started receiving Notifications and Events being recorded. Then upgraded the firmware back to and same thing: quit getting Notifications and no Event were recorded. Well, at least they don’t show up in the App. When I looked at the SD card on the base station I can see thumbnails of events that were recorded. Rolled back to (again) and back to working normally. Seems like is broken to me.

Yes they suspended the update of a few days ago because it bricked some base stations.