Outdoor cam not recording and no notifications

I just received the Outdoor Cam and everything installed fine. I like the video quality of the cam, but I cannot get it to record events or give notifications. SD cards are formatted and put in cam and base station. Capture zone is fine and levels of detection are set high. All tabs set correctly for notification, but get nothing. I hope there is a fix for this, as I had high hopes for this camera, and if I can’t get notifications and recordings, it isn’t even as good as my Blink cameras. At least they give notifications… Any help appreciated…


I have the exact same problem. Have SD card in camera and in teh base station. Tried all sensitivity settings. Tried to walk far and close by the camera. Nothing is recorded - ever. A huge disappointment!

Same here!!! Not one notification as of yet. So frustrating.

Wyze is history as a company. I expect them to file bankruptcy within the next six months and be out of business with all the money we paid them to put out this POS camera.

I really think that Wyze pushed these out the door to fast because of financial difficulties.

With all the problems people are having, pretty much all of them should have been fixed before launch.

I do recommend people to just return the cams and come back in 6-12 months and see if the situation has improved.