Wyze Cam Outdoor Notifications Not Working

After I updated my camera, I am not getting notifications at all. Recordings are still going to my “Events” but I am not getting notified. I did activate the “Detection Area” as well.

I am on an apple iphone.

You will see that the issue is posted here in the forum numerous time. Change your firmware back to cam and base until the new firmware that was just released is stable and usable. To change it back open the cam/base on the app. settings>device info.>firmware version> you should see have problems in green letters, Click it and change back.

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I reverted the firmware as suggested above & still no notifications running the newest iOS version.
This company is circling the drain, no wonder they’re the laughingstock of Reddit. What crap.

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Same here. I have never received a motion notification from my outdoor cam. NOT ONE.