Wyze Cam Outdoor and Cam Plus not capturing events?

For the last few days or so, none of my two Wyze Outdoor Cams have been capturing or recording events.

Both cameras are online and I can watch the “live” stream view. I stand in front of them with the app running on my phone and I can see them streaming in pretty much near real-time. But the “motion event” of me waving my arms/hands in front of the camera lenses NEVER gets recorded, nor do I get any “notifications” that I have a new motion event recorded.

I’ve followed the directions in rebooting the cams, removing and then adding them back to 2 Cam Plus licenses I have, but still nothing.

Any ideas what’s going on or what I should do?

Wyze just released a Beta Firmware fix for this. I installed it without any issues. So, it is currently being tested by Beta Testers in the community.

  • Fixed an issue that caused Wyze Cam Outdoor to not record Motion Events when Cam Plus is enabled

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That’s good news. It kinda sucks that my cams–one of which covers my back door–hasn’t been recording events for the past few days. (Leaves a “hole” in my home monitoring, especially in the overnight hours!)

Thankfully, the other cam just watches my front yard for “wildlife” (feral cats and raccoons) and is sort of just a “back up” to my wired Ring Spotlight cam that monitors my front door.

It’ll be good news to get the firmware fix. (I miss reviewing the nightlife of the critters that lounge around my home. :wink: )

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My Outdoor Cam is on that version of the firmware. Cam Plus is on it, and the base station has an SD card. The base station doesn’t record anything, and I can’t play events from Cam Plus (there’s no playback option in the app).
Is Cam Plus compatible with Outdoor Cam? I’ve switched the license to a different camera. Right after that, the base station’s SD card has disappeared; it was showing up earlier today.

“Backup to base station” is disabled if you have camplus on the camera… Camplus events are viewed in the app event tab. You are correct, there is no traditional Wyze"playback"function for the wco in the app due to it being a battery camera.

Camplus does work with the WCO.

I never saw a playback option for the Outdoor Cam.