Outdoor cams stopped recording and detecting motion

Both my outdoor cams stopped recording events on cam+ 4 days ago . Have tried turning off and back on as well as rebooting hub .

I can view live in both but motion detection cam+ recordings have stopped .

Tried disabling and enabling again motion and recording . Still not working .

Something must have changed firmware or something on wyze end . Please fix .

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Did you update the firmware any time after August 9, 2021 for the base and cams? If you did change it back to the August 9 2021 version.

Cams are always updated . So yes I’m sure it took update .

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Guessing cams never got updated

Before new update was paused .

They both have (August 9, 2021)

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There are some other post on the forum with members having the same issue. I have 4 WCO and have not had that issue yet. Both my base and cams on are the 9 Aug.21 firmware, base plugged into router. Hope you and others find the cause.

As long as we let them know typically it “comes back”…

I don’t have an SD card. How can I return to a previoius version. I currently have and my outdoor cam is not working. is the current working firmware for me. The version that was released on 9/8/21 was suspended. You could change back to any version on the release notes list if you had an SD… Leave your firmware where it is for now. What is wrong with your cams ? not recording?

I have the same issue. Both outdoor cams took the newer update and both no longer trigger nor record. I do not have any way to go back to a previous firmware update using a pc or sd card. why can’t Wyze just send out a new (old) update going back to the old firmware.