Wyze Cam Outdoor Firmware Released - 2/10/21

Hello, forum friends!

Wyze Cam Outdoor firmware version is releasing today! This has the other part of the person detection bug fix and also fixes a bug that caused accelerated battery drain with a weak WiFi signal.

Read our Release Notes:


what about the notifications not working on the outside cameras? Hasn’t worked since late January

Hi @bscoggins1 and welcome to the community forum! :slightly_smiling_face:
You may like to check out this thread (linked below) where the trouble you mention is being discussed.

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There was a recent update for outdoor cam. Now my outdoor cam works for about 30 minutes & then shuts off. I have to climb up & restart it. Then it operates fine for about 30 minutes. Then shuts off again. My 10 other cameras, sensors and equipment are fine. Just the Outdoor camera is the problem.

There is clearly something else going on. I updated to this firmware and the battery is nearly dead in under a week. Yesterday both of my camera’s read over 90% and this morning they are both under 40%. WIFI signal strength is not an issue either. One has 3 bars and the other 2. I’ve contacted your tech support but instead of helping me they give me cookie cutter responses explaining how batteries work and how your app will notify me when it’s below 20%. That’s definitely not helpful and clearly not the issue.