Wyze Cam Outdoor Firmware Beta Testing 2/3/2021

VERSION: 4.17.1. 025


Fixed a bug causing accelerated battery drain with the weak WiFi signal


I believe I may be experiencing this bug but I see a potential conundrum in updating.

Does anyone know if this bug was introduced/discovered before or after the firmware was revoked? In general, if a beta firmware version is newer but doesn’t mention addressing an issue discovered in a release version or earlier beta firmware, is it safe to assume the issue persists in the latest beta release as well?

To state it more simply in the context of the current versions, would (beta) have the same “critical bugs” that caused them to revoke I currently have on two WCO’s and on one WCO that I had left off for a few weeks. Looking to determine if activating the beta firmware for the WCO to upgrade to would leave me better off or not, and in general, to understand if beta firmware updates are simply built on top of previous versions or if they “branch off” in their own ways.

Can a forum mod or Wyze employee shed a little light here? At least for future reference?

I have updated my firmware to the beta on all camera’s. I can tell you that I have not experienced major battery drain on either. One of my camera’s was charged a few weeks ago, maybe even a month. It is currently at 94% and holding. I am also noticing better notifications as well.

Thanks for sharing your experience regarding the current beta release. :+1:

No problem. Also note, I use CamPlus and turned on the Person detection only. I don;t think this saves battery but wanted to let you know.

I also set the following set: Event recording: Cooldown is 1 minute and Maximum Video Length os 5 minutes.

Just noticed I have notify on all other Motion events as well as CamPlus AI.

Oops – just got a Base station update – hopefully no impact. Will monitor

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