Wyze Cam Outdoor Beta Update Paused - 10/2/20 - Resolved

Hi, beta testers!

We’ve paused the beta Wyze Cam outdoor update released this week because there is a bug causing missed Events and rapid battery drain for some people when using Cam Plus with Wyze Cam Outdoor. We expect this bug to be fixed within the next 2 days. The fix will not require another firmware or app update to be resolved.

In the meantime, turning off the switch in the back of the camera, removing the Cam Plus license from it in the app, and turning the camera on again will fix the other features until Cam Plus is operational again.

Sorry for the trouble!


Thanks for the heads up, didn’t notice any problem with my outdoor cam.


Thanks for letting us know!

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Good Evening! We’ve resolved the missed events and rapid battery drain issues on Wyze Cam Outdoor with Cam Plus firmware. All of the WCO’s are now in the correct category.

  • If your camera has this issue, please reboot the camera by switching off and on the switch on the back of the camera. That will reset camera status and you should be able to use Cam Plus after that.
  • If you didn’t have this issue, no action is needed.

If someone could confirm with me that the fix is working, I will resume the firmware update.


It’s been 24 hours, any word on un-pausing the firmware push? (Maybe you got the feedback you were looking for on the FB beta group instead? I personally refuse to join that devil incarnate service. :japanese_goblin: )

So… just my luck, today is the day I setup my second base station for the additional pre-order WCO cams I received a few days ago. And of course the first cam I join to this base station is the one I wanted to test Cam Plus with. But I can’t get the firmware… :persevere:

wco was normal yesterday
but today it missed one event that it cannot miss and should not miss

(only one event today so far, not sure if it will miss more if there r more events)

update: it turned out to be one time missing,

Any update?

So… um…

Almost been a solid week since we last heard anything…

I did experience the rapid battery drain last week. My WCO went from full charge to zero in about 9 hours. Recharging it and toggling Cam Plus seemed to have done the trick though.

Hi all, we’re still testing firmware fixes and the current plan is to release beta firmware early next week. Please stay tuned for that. We’ll update here and other social platforms with beta testing details when it’s ready. :slight_smile:

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Appreciate the response.

Hi all, we just released new beta firmware for base station and WCO. :slight_smile:

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