Wyze Cam Outdoor Firmware Beta Test 2/9/2022



  • Fixed a bug that caused Events with night vision turned on to speed up

  • Fixed a bug that caused faster battery drain when using Cam Plus

  • Security improvements

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Installed without issue. But I had to do it from the actual Camera, Settings, Device Info area. The Firmware Update Menu Choice did not show any update for me.

I was on an Android Device

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I just installed the Firmware with no issues and it plays back clips fine. I will test the night vision bug tonight as this camera was speeding up the clips consistently at night.


Firmware installed from the Account tab ->Firmware update all in one section without issue. :+1:

I wondered why my WCO with Cam Plus seemed to have had the battery draining faster than normal lately. I just assumed it was having more traffic being recorded lately. Thanks for catching this and updating. It wasn’t a huge deal I guess, but it’s great to hear it should last longer again. :slight_smile:

Funny thing is that mine hasn’t. I am at 51% and it been running for a few months already

Went fine for me too

Night vision working correctly! :slight_smile:

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Installed successfully to 5 WOCs (3/2 split between 2 base stations) simultaneously vs going to each device. I gave the process an extra challenge by moving 2 of the WOCs to the far range of the base station’s coverage area. No impact.

On some previous updates WOCs would go offline until I reboot their BS. Which is why I have the BS on a smart plug… (but I have been seeing the plugs go offline recently, luckily hasn’t impacted my use case yet).

It’s also nice seeing the continued commitment to improve the WOC. I had lots of troubles at the beginning, but rarely now.

We had 44 of them did them all at once took 2 times all updated no issues

Thanks for working on the issue of 2X speed with night vision on. I hope it works, the raccoons and possums are tired from running so fast. :grin:


I like those pets :grinning:

Updated 1 cam from the pop-up that appears when you start a live stream. Updated 1 cam from Settings > Device Info > Firmware Version. Updated 2 cams via Bulk Update. All updates successfully applied. No issues with Event playback speed with NV turned on (1 cam with Cam Plus Lite, 3 cams with Cam Plus). Will monitor battery drain.


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Does this version fix the problem with the solar panel for the WOC? When I received my panel 2 weeks ago the camera would stop working after the solar panel was plugged in. I was told in the forum that there was a known issue with version I am now on version I bought the solar panel in hopes that I wouldn’t have to take the camera down every 2-3 months to charge it. Thanks

version that I’m on seems to have solved the problem.

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Thanks to all the Beta testers, updated all 4 cams today and all test good. The critter brigade will be pleased.


And you have an sd micro card in the camera?

If you are asking me if I have a micro SD cards in the cameras the answer is yes. I have 32GB Samsung cards in all 4 cams doing scheduled event recording just as I have been doing for the last year… The 4 cams also have Cam Plus Lite on them.


Thank you, do I need the card for cam plus lite motion detection recording? I also have a ring camera that does not need a sd card for recording is why I am asking.