Wyze Cam Outdoor and Base Station Released - 11/17/21

Wyze Cam Outdoor firmware and Base Station firmware are releasing today! These fix a rapid battery drain bug for the cameras and a couple of Cam Plus issues. There are also security improvements! :lock:

Read our Release Notes:


Both base & cam took the update without a hitch. Glad to see that there was, in fact, a battery drain issue in the previous firmware. I last charged mine a little over a month ago and noticed that battery usage was accelerated compared to the previous interval. No discernible uptick in activity that would explain it either. Must have been the bug and I’ll see if battery life is restored during the next similar interval… :upside_down_face:


Updated 4 cams and base in a few min. without issue. I have never had a battery drain issue in the past 13 months. Hope it stays that way :grin:

Edit: I did find one issue, I had to sync the time on all 4 cams again, they were all one hour ahead.

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It bricked mine.

Wow never had an issue with 18 of at 5 sites no issues

Yea. This is the first time one of my cameras failed to reconnect.

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Well interesting, all of ours worked just fine,and there located in 5 locations

Well great for you. Unfortunately, that doesn’t help me.

You power cycle your router

No, why? the base station is connected. The cam won’t connect to the base.

Not sure if this is applicable to any of the problems described herein, but my base is wirebound vs wireless. I have never experienced any of the bricking across 3-4 firmware upgrades since installing my wco back in June.

I’m still scratching my head as to why the base is even required instead of being optional for forward positioning… doesn’t seem like a third Wi-Fi signal contributes to reliability :thinking:

The base is required because it does most of the work while doing that using power if the camera had to do that work instead your battery in the camera would not last very long

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Because of this update that was given to everyone whether they have an outdoor cam or not, my V3 cameras drop signal for 11 seconds for every 5 seconds I view them live. Every single time. Im so pissed off. Nothing works to fix it either.

if you do not have the outdoor camera and the base station for it , you did not get this update it is only for those devices.

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Well its on your side,we have no issues with 87 cams

Then I’m not talking to you about the issues you don’t have. Please stop following me around the forum telling me your 87 cameras are flawless. I don’t care. It’s becoming harassment.

I’m not following anyone…im just telling everyone on this issue what we have found out,the way you to to female is not good

Interesting… Can you elaborate on what all the base actually does?

Your response makes it seem like the base station continuously polls the wco for data rather than the camera itself pushing data to it.

The wyze base/hub will do a max of 4 cameras, it is the brain’s of the camera system,and the base/hub can use a microSD card when installed all cameras sends the recording to the sd card so if you have a cam stolen the recordings are there