Wyze Cam Outdoor and Base Station Firmware Released! - 11/3/20

Good morning, forum friends!

Cam Plus is coming to Wyze Cam Outdoor! Camera version and Base Station firmware allow compatibility with Cam Plus and fix bugs such as the camera staying connected while disconnected from WiFi.

Read our Release Notes here:


CAM Plus FAQ’s state the following:

Do Cam Plus event recordings end when motion stops?

When motion stops, your Wyze Cam will stop capturing video. Event videos will only record while motion is detected. Exception: Wyze Cam Outdoor cannot record based on motion only.

Can you please explain the noted Exception above?


It’s working great and was a much needed upgrade.

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I don’t understand this either. I know the WCO will still only record for one minute with Cam Plus but this exception makes no sense.

I just made a post not realizing this was here but my question was does cam plus only support one device? I have an outdoor and a pan but can’t enable the outdoor on cam plus without disabling the pan. Video attached.

Hi all, sorry about the confusion. This is a mistake we made on our support site and it should be fixed now.

CamPlus recording on WCO is triggered by PIR and motion detection

CamPlus users will get a special setting in Event Recording called max video length for WCO. The options are 12s, 20s, 30s, 45s, 1min, 3min, 5min. Max video length is the maximum recording length that a single CamPlus event video gets. For motion lasting less than max video length, event video will stop recording when the motion stops. For motion lasting longer, event video will record up to max video length. For example, I set max video length to 30 sec. If a motion lasts for 17s, I will get a 17s CamPlus event video. If a motion lasts for 55sec, I will get a 30s video.

There’s also more flexibility in the cooldown setting, from no cooldown at all to 5mins. We add these settings to battery-powered cameras to give users more control over battery life, unlike V2 and Pan that are always plugged in.

I hope this explains a bit about how CamPlus works on WCO. :slight_smile:


Hi there, yes. One CamPlus license only supports one device. :slight_smile:

One more question. If I set WOC to record for one or more minutes upon motion. Will I not get a notification until recording stops. Right now the notification is delayed until the 12 sec recording stops.

Ok so is there a way to get more than one license?

To purchase additional licenses:

Go to https://wyze.com/ via web browser > click CAM PLUS in the header > log in from the person icon in the upper right corner > click Add a subscription or if you already have a subscription you can also click Edit to the right of your current subscription line.


Yeah I have a subscription but there’s no option to get a second license

You should see your subscription once you’re logged in and click on “add subscription” located to the far right of the page > look for the edit button on the far right and click on it > look for “Edit Cam Plus” , it should show the camera you have Cam Plus on and you then click on the plus sign to add Cam Plus to more cameras.

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Thanks. I found it on the website. Wasn’t giving me the option in the app. :love_you_gesture:t5::pray:t5:


@WyzeLi thank you for answering my initial question. I also would like to know what Stock28 is asking as well.

If the notification does not happen until the end of the recording, the longer event videos would not do well for my intended usage.

As an example, with WCO & CAMPlus, if motion lasts for 50 seconds and I set max video length to 12s, with NO cooldown, will I get (4) 12s videos and (1) 2s video, each with a notification after them?

I want to be notified as soon as possible, but I don’t really want notifications every 12s. This would probably be a feature request, but is there a way to limit the number of notifications for a given period. For the above instance, the ability to specify that I only want to receive notifications once every minute (or user defined time). First notification is sent, then the system knows not to send any subsequent notifications for the user defined notification cooldown.

Great question! For events that are longer than 12 sec, you will get notifications until the first 12 seconds of recordings are recorded, same as V2 and Pan. The AI tag in the notification is also based on the analysis of the first 12 sec recordings. But eventually, we’ll analyze the entire video and show if anybody is detected on the Events tab in the app. For events that are shorter than 12 sec, you will get notifications and the AI tag whenever it’s finished recording.

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Hi Bryant, please see my response above and let me know if our implementation fulfills your intended usage. :slight_smile:

That sounds fantastic! You are the best!

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I don’t have a WCO yet (supposed to ship in DEcember), but can you explain this?

“camera staying connected while disconnected from WiFi.”