Wyze Cam Outdoor Firmware & Base Station BETA Test 10/20/2020


  • Base Station 4.16.0. 183 and 182(old hardware)
  • WCO 4.17.0. 181


  • Resolved a bug that led to battery drain
  • Resolved a bug that prevented the camera from capturing full Events
  • Resolved a bug that prevented the camera from recording up to the maximum video length
  • Improved an issue causing the actual video length was different from that on the Event list
  • Resolved a bug that caused severe pixelation in Event playback
  • Resolved a bug resulting in the “no fragment” error message


  • Missing Event thumbnails when Person Detection is turned off.
  • Cam Plus is not usable when setting up a Wyze Cam Outdoor with a Cam Plus subscription on a different Wyze account (workaround: un-assign the license before setup or pair the Cam Plus Wyze Cam Outdoor with the previous account).
  • There’s still a small 1-2 second error with video length reporting and it may get worse when the signal strength is weak.
  • The Android app still has tiny pauses during playback and they’ll be fixed in the 2.15 release.

Upgraded 4 WCOs & 2 base stations without issue


Two WCO and one Base upgraded without issue.

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Wait a minute…

These fixes are a repeat of what was already fixed in the last update.

1 base station and WCO cameras both updated without any issues!

The other update was paused, not everyone got it so those features are still listed as new

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Updated 1base station and 2 WCO with no issue. But person detection is now gone. Not even in an option in services.

Thanks for the updates! I just updated my cams and base stations :slight_smile:

What defines “old hardware”?


I dont see this firmware as available yet (android 2.14.35 updated an hourish ago) but WCO cameras no longer show up on person detection services page, so this issue is not related to the firmware… (Person detection is still working on my two WCO cams though)

I am one of the users who did not get the .179 update. My Wyze app (Android 2.14.35) still shows BS .175 and WCO .173 as up to date. I’ve tried force quitting and clearing the app cache to no avail. Please advise.

Hi all, there’s currently a small issue with Android WCO CamPlus testing. The app 2.14.35 you’re using is an official app that doesn’t support WCO CamPlus yet. You have to use a beta app to use this feature. We will release a new Android beta app tomorrow. :slight_smile: Sorry about that.


I am enrolled in the beta program via the instructions here on the forum and/or the message in the Google Play Store confirms I am enrolled as well. This version of the app seems to be compatible with my WCO and Cam Plus. Ever since subscribing the limitations on max recording length and cooldown were removed. I have them currently set to no cooldown and 5 minute max. Cam Plus registration also went just fine.

if you’re going to have beta users and stable apps - having the beta app update to the stable version (in the scenarios where the stable is the most updated) automatically and then have issues happen doesn’t seem the right way to do things. beta users seem like they should always run beta versions of the app without crossing over into stable versions unknowingly or automatically.

The title of the playstore listing even says Wyze (Beta) with the last update date of 10/10/20, however, the version info at the bottom of the playstore listing claims 2.14.33 while the app info of the installed app claims 2.14.35

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Upgrade with no issues

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How are you able to update to firmware .183 and .181? What app version are you using?

2.14.31 for IOS

Got the new beta update and the WCO showed back up under cam plus services but they are greyed out like they don’t have an active subscription and person detection on the WCO is not working.

The WCO is not compatible with Person Detection Name Your Price program. Are you able to assign a CamPlus license to it?

Did not think that cam plus was in full release yet for the WCO? Thought it was still in beta and didn’t need a license for it just yet? Still says coming soon on the subscription page.

That is correct. WCO CamPlus is still in beta testing.

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