WCO and base

Updated mine yesterday… any info on fixes?

Sorry about the info not being posted here


  • Base Station

  • WCO

What’s new

  1. Resolved an issue that caused a battery drop

  2. Resolved an issue where the camera doesn’t capture the whole events.

  3. Resolved an issue where the camera doesn’t record up to max video length

  4. Resolved an issue where the actual video length is different from that on the event list (There’s still a small 1-2 sec error, and it may get worse when the signal strength is weak)

  5. Resolved an issue that caused a huge pixelation in events playback. (Android app still has tiny pauses during playback, and it’ll be fixed in 2.15 release)

  6. Resolved no fragment issue

Known issues:

  1. Missing event thumbnails when Person Detection is turned off

  2. CamPlus status and related settings are not synced correctly when 1. setting up a CamPlus WCO on a different base 2. setting up a CamPlus WCO on a different Wyze account


My WCO and Base are still saying up to date on the previous versions

My guess is you are on the production app and not a beta, I believe the most up to date app is production until another beta is released

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Nope, I am on Beta. The App is up to date for Beta as well as the other devices.

Samsung S20 Utra
Android: Wyze App Beta 2.14.34

WCO Base Station

Cam V2 Plugin Version
Sensor Plugin Version
Band Plugin Version 1.3.78
Scale 1.1.4 Plugin Version 1.9.1

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It seems the 2.14.34 app is not seeing the new WCO update, I will have to see if I can get that info to someone at Wyze but that may not happen until Monday, I did load that version on another device and it showed 4.x.0.167 as the up to date versions

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FYI I am on IOS beta 2.14.31 (1)

Same behavior, Android beta v2.14.34 does not see the new firmware updates.

I managed to get an update as to why you cant see the update, it was paused temporarily

Hi all, we just released new beta firmware for the base station and WCO for testing. :slight_smile: Please see the latest post. :slight_smile:


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