Wyze Cam Outdoor Base Station Firmware Beta Test 1/10/2022



  • Security improvements

*** If your base station is already in, please ignore this upgrade, you won’t able to see the upgrade pop-up. ***

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Not seeing the release yet, but curious… is this supposed to be

I am already at (Or I am just way ahead of the game :wink: )

Sorry about the confusion, just update the note, if your base station is already in, you won’t able to see the upgrade pop-up.


Hurry and get his done (Please) and fix the WCO firmware also. I am tired of seeing my raccoon and other critter friends being recorded at 2X speed when the night vision is on . :disappointed:

About the time you guys rolled out this Beta base station firmware, the app on my Android started acting weird. All of my devices and devices in groups show “off” at all times. When I turn them on, they show “on” for 5-sec then turn off again. When I open the app on my iPad everything works normally.

If it’s not related to the base station beta firmware please point me in the right direction. It may just be coincidence.

Couple of questions as I am not expeiencing this.

  • What is the App Version you are using?
  • What is the Android Version you are using as well?

App version is 2.28.0 (b99) and phone is Galaxy s10+ with Android 11.

Thanks, I am on Android 12 and not experiencing the issue. However, Please submit a log and post it here so Wyze can look to see what is going on.

First thing I would do is to Clear the Cache from within the App, located under Account, App Settings

Then Shut the app down and then lets clear the cache by doing the following:

  • Long Press on the App Icon
  • Select App Info
  • Tap on Force Stop to make sure it is closed
  • go to Storage and Cache and clear Cache
  • Close this window down

Then start the app and logon with the same account you used on the othe phone and see if the camera’s appear. Note, you will not see the camera thumbnails until you do a live stream.

If this does not work, then I would remove the app and install it again.

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Log ID 438448 submitted.

I did a forced stop of the app and cleared the cache with no luck. I did not try uninstalling and reinstalling the app yet.

It’s weird because everything still works; cams all live stream and upload event videos and plugs still turn on and off. I just get no indiction that they are on or off.

Thanks for the suggestions!

I will see about passing the log number on for you. This is something I know that Wyze is looking into.

Do you have another device with the Wyze App on it? If so, does it function the same way?

I would also try the following:

  • logging out of the app and then back in to see if this gets corrected.
  • test with one of the plug, unplug it for about 5 minutes and then plug it back in and see if it connects.
  • Reboot your router. I have seen where individuals did this and things started to work again.
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Also, can you submit a ticket as well and provide that so I can include this when passing it on.

I just sent a support request and it didnt give me a ticket number. It wouldn’t let me attach a screenshot either.

I’ll try the items you suggested and let you know what happens.

No Problem, I did provide the Log number.

Signing out of the app and back in did it. I need to goof with the offline plugs now.

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Glad it worked out. I was scratching my head and asked another Maven for input.

@Newshound , logging out and back in seemed to have corrected it.


Thanks for that suggestion! I’ve had Wyze products for over a year and I’ve never had to sign out or force stop the app.

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Not a problem. I have not had to do that either. What I have noticed is that some of the toggles had to be reset even though they appeared correct. I do make it a habbit to clear the cache when I do Firmware updates though.


That’s a good idea, I should get in a habit of doing that.

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