Wyze Cam Outdoor & Base Station Firmware Beta Test 8/24/2021


  • Wyze Cam Outdoor:

  • Base Station:


  • Fixed a bug preventing Cam Plus from detecting pets or packages on Wyze Cam Outdoor


Just loaded the New FW for both Base and Camera. So far everything seems to be working. Only item to point out is more visual, the Chevron on the Top Left of the screen of the Camera is smaller than the other screens. Possible Font Size Issue. Below is an image of it:

Incorrect Chevron - too small (Circled in Yellow Top Left)

Correct Chevron - Normal Size (Circled in Yellow Top Left)


Can your base station be connected to wifi?

mine has been connected via Ethernet and not WiFi. Sometime ago I tried and had issues. Since I have Ethernet drops in my house, It was easy to leave it hooked up.

So have not tried.

I have 3 base stations connected via WiFi and one connected via Ethernet. Both ways are working well with this release.


I took firmware yesterday and after my base station is blinking blue, not on line so my camera is not available. Deleted base from app, tried to readd and can’t b/c I have blinking blue. Powered on/off, swapped out ethernet cables to no avail.

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