Wyze Cam outdoor, Base Station & Band firmware Beta test 9/30/2020


WCO 4.17.0. 173
Base 4.16.0. 175

  • Added Cam Plus

  • Fixed a bug that caused the WCO to stay connected when WiFi disconnects

  • Fixed a bug that may cause the firmware update to fail

  • Fixed a bug that caused the status light to not turn solid red when the camera is turned off and fully charged

  • Fixed no fragment issue

  • Fixed a bug that the Cam Plus Event Recording settings weren’t updated correctly

  • Android playback on Cam Plus videos is not smooth

  • IR lights turn off after 12 sec in Cam Plus videos with night vision

VERSION: 1.0.8. 30
  • Improved algorithm accuracy for sleep tracking and raise-to-wake

  • Fixed an issue that would cause the charging screen to appear when the band is not charging

  • Fixed an issue that would cause abnormal reboot during firmware upgrade

  • Fixed a vibration issue for phone call notification

  • Added a pop-up reminder when the firmware upgrade is available

  • Added instructions about how to better keep Wyze app live in the background for Wyze Band data transmission.

  • Minor grammar improvement

  • Added a pop-up reminder when the firmware upgrade is available

  • Added a “mute when screen is on” function so that Wyze Band will stop vibrating and showing notifications when you are already processing those messages on the phone.

  • Minor grammar improvement


I must misunderstand this… Anyone willing to elaborate or reword this? How could it stay connected without wifi, and if it could, why on earth would anyone “fix” this?

So, the WCO should go to sleep when WIFI is disconnected to save battery. There was a bug that, in rare cases, preventing the WCO goes to sleep in this scenario. This bug is fixed in this release.

Edit: making more sense if “connected” is replaced with “awake”? :smile:

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Thanks for the updates!

Thanks for the clarification, I understand what you mean now! :slight_smile:

Band did not properly reboot during update. After a short wait I was able to start the update a 2nd time, this was successful.

I can not find a Workout entry for a walk I tracked this afternoon.

My V2 and WCO both had updates which were successful, including the Base.

Samsung S20 Utra
Android: Wyze App Beta 2.14.32

WCO Base Station

Cam V2 Plugin Version
Sensor Plugin Version
Band Plugin Version 1.3.78
Scale 1.1.4 Plugin Version 1.9.1

no issue updating band to for me, rebooted and all is good on my end

This update ruined my wco it won’t record motion activated videos anymore and killed the battery from not stopping constant recording or live streaming or just ir lights not turning off not sure which one of thise it is is anybody else having these issues I also have can plus but haven’t even able to see how it works since it won’t record events anymore

Same. I didn’t even realize mine was broken. I assigned cam plus to mine and just realized it’s been stuck on live all the time. When I look at the camera the IR lights are on and the blue light stays on and no events are recorded due to live streaming. Only way I can get it to stop is turning the camera off in the app. My battery was still at 72% after only initially charging it and now it’s down to 59% over the past few hours. Guess I’ll leave it off till a new update comes out

Actually now my cam is down to 30% even while I have it turned off in the app. So it’s still burning through the battery even when “off”. I guess I need to take it down and turn the physical switch off. Or flash the firmware back to the previous. Otherwise it will be down to 0% during the night tonight.

I have the same issue with two of my four WCO’s. Blue status light stays on and the battery drains in less than 12 hours.

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Hi All, sorry to hear the issue and thank you for reporting the issue with the beta firmware. Pls refer to this thread for short term fix.


I still can’t update my Wyze Outdoors to firmware I did the troubleshooting shown on help but nothing works :sob::woman_shrugging:t3:

I have a new outdoor cam and the base station , but not able to connect to the base while trying to finish the setup. SUpport is taking forever and now I have cameras and station collecting dust. I can not connect to the base after this one connects to my wireless and creates the new SSID based on the MAC. My phone is connected to the base station ssid, but can not connect to do the set up. Any suggestions? I already disable my cell services, I remove the SSID and try all again, reboot station several times, use scanning the QR code and even tried manually entering the MAC, but nothing works.

I want a refund on my outdoor cam, piece of crap won’t even charge up, brand new out of the box too!!!

You connect the base station by ethernet cable ONLY to your router. You do not use your phone to connect to the wifi the base station creates as that is for the camera to use. You connect your phone to your usual wifi connection and use the app to view the camera. You were trying to set up the Outdoor Cam like it was the indoor cam and that does not work for this camera.

My base station won’t let me finish setting it up once I connect to the Wyze bind it does nothing

Is the device you are using to set it up on iOS 14? If so thats whats causing it not to work.

Info: (scroll to bottom)

Yes the problem is that iOS 14 does not work with these base stations. If you can get an old iphone, like iOS 13, you can download the app and install the base this way. Once you get to set the base, then you can use your iPhone 14. FOr me, I had to return them, because the base kept going off and therefore my cameras were useless. Very disappointed, I wait for so long for the cameras and then it was not a good experience.

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