Cam Plus vs. Outdoor (battery operated) Camera

Hello All,
My question/observation is as follows:

• CAMplus: "Record full-length videos Wyze Cams already record 12 seconds of motion every 5 minutes for free. CAMplus records unlimited motion whenever it’s detected so you capture the full story.”

• Question/Observation: My Outdoor Wyze Camera (battery Operated) does not show up on my account to add CAMplus.

This is very disappointing. I have been in touch by phone with your Service support and they explained that the CAMplus is not yet available for the battery operated Outdoor Camera. Now I must consider cancelling the CAMplus purchase. The technician said I can cancel the 1 license. If I did that, how could I ensure current discount pricing once the Outdoor Camera is added to the CAMplus option? He also said there is no expected date for CAMplus to be available for the Outdoor Camera.

Someone needs to put a notice on the Website saying that CAM plus is currently not available for the Outdoor Camera.

If I cancel the CAM plus due to this misleading Website information, how can I receive the discounted plan later?

Thank you.


I just checked the Wyze services site and near the link to go forth with the. Cam plus service it mentions that it’s coming soon for the WCO and currently available for the v2 and pan. Did you mention to Support that you were using beta software?

Since you got that info straight from Support, I’d follow that and they’d be the ones to answer about the pricing question. We are just a group of users on the forums that love to help.


Thanks for your input. I was just frustrated when I found out as I missed the parentheticals and I had to vent to someone.

Your point is well taken. This is the sales link I read that doesn’t mention that it doesn’t work with Cam Plus as yet.

Thanks again. Cheers.


Wordsmith! Nice! :slight_smile:

No problem! Glad to help! Unfortunately the place holder is of a smaller print. The good thing is that camplus for the WCO is in beta so I am hoping it’ll be out the the masses soon!

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It’s in beta. You’re in the beta section. Have you used the beta version of the Wyze app and put the beta firmware on the bridge and cam? The firmware notes are all detailed here.

After you do all of the above, go to the app and go to the “Account” tab at the bottom. Then, go to “Services” and “Green check” the camera you want Cam+ on. It’ll show a warning about not being supported but you can tap “ok” and then the green “Activate” button at the bottom. You’re now beta testing the feature.

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