Cam outdoor v2

The Wyze cam outdoor is amazing, but the issue i found is that’s when motion stops, the camera stops recording,

In the app there’s a setting that I could choose the video length after motion is trigger 1 4 5 minutes,
But the camera still stop after motion stops !!

After motion recording in trigger and the camera start recording can the camera stops recording when the video length choose is reached ?
Not when motion stops ?

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I do not have the version 2 WYZE Cam Outdoor but I do have four of the Version 1 WCO and they are using Cam Plus Lite so I only get 12 second video clips. To combat that I use scheduled event recording to 32GB SD Cards in the camera. I do not have the video length setting you have but I believe that the camera will only record as long as there is motion and not beyond when motion stops.
Since I can only get 12 sec. events with CP Lite I set my critter cam scheduled event recording for 30 Days, no cooldown period, MOTION ONLY and a maximum video length of each video up to 5 min each.
The camera will only record as long as motion continues up to the 5 Min. setting then a new video will start if motion continues. The videos are saved in the camera album, and you have to tap the download icon to view the event and it is also saved on your phone/device media. You can do both regular cloud event recording and scheduled event recording at the same time.

Scheduled event recording to the SD can be found here:

This is what some night time scheduled event recording look like in the cam album:


Are you sure your not seeing the “Max video length” setting? That is there so if you have a long motion event, it caps your video and stops the recordings.

If you are asking me there is no such setting on the the WCO version one using Cam Plus Lite. The OP maybe has Cam Plus and wants the camera to record for 4 or 5 min even if the motion was 40 seconds long. I don’t think it will ever happen . :upside_down_face:

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Guys, I have the camplus and also the video length settings at 5 minutes and still stop when motion stops !! Wyze need to fix this !

That video settings it’s useless !

The people here are just other members/cam users like you with maybe one or two WYZE employees showing up once is a great while, Sorry, what you are asking for will never happen (Camera detects motion > motion stops at 45 second > camera continues recording to the set Max Video Length). Maybe you misunderstood the camera capabilities .

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Nope. I know your the go to for all things WCO. :). When you reply to the first post, it doesn’t show that your replying to anyone in particular for some reason, lol. But I was asking the OP my question. :slight_smile:

Unless you have active motion that lasts longer than 5 minutes, this is working as intended. It’s “Max video length” not “minimum video length” or “set video length”. Clips will stop when motion stops, unless the motion lasts to the “Max video length” setting, then it will stop. Like it states in the notation of the setting.

It’s there to help conserve battery life.


If the camera still will behave like that
Why not taking out the Maximum Video Length then ?

It’s simple

motion triggers, record until
Maximum Video Length Of my liking or choosing
That’ all.

also, instead of 1080 P
It should be 2k.
in the meantime, I am returning mine onto Waze fix this issue

I suggest if you want 2k, get a V3 Pro, put a 256GB card in it and set to continuous recording along with Cam Plus. If not WYZE look for a different vendor but I think you may find the same issue that most battery powered cams will only record as long as there is motion then stop.
Even the plug in WYZE cams stop recording Cloud Events after motion stops then start again when they detect something else.


^ This from Antonious. Right on right on. :slight_smile:

If you want continuous video done as you seem to be wanting though you need like full on continuous recording saved like forever and then full on motion notifications. All high quality service. Easiest thing there is to go with actual security grade stuff and pay for it. You will pay. Every cheap cam are more toys than anything.

The V3 Pro does look great at 2k (yes, I have one).

If you are going to be overly serious with cheap cams then they are not for you.

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Unfortunately there’s nothing to fix if this function is working as intended, which it appears it is. If you want to change this function and feature set to something different, then submit your use case and ideas to the applicable wish list topic.

This would be a good one to vote for for the 2K on the outdoor battery operated camera idea. Since that will require a hardware update, this is the wish list for the possible V3 outdoor camera.

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A reply for a general answer…

i’ve been using 2 of the v3 models and I love them, after two years of using then, they work perfectly,

I have a pretty big house!
And running cables it’s not that easy as it seems…

That is why when I found out, that Waze had the wire system but wireless, I got pretty excited,
Especially this company is promoting the Wyze cam outdoor v2 as a replacement, for the wires ones but it is far from it…

I am currently own

2 of the v3 camera
Wyze Thermostat
Wyze 2 door locks
Wyze mesh system

And almost in 8 month, I haven’t had a single issue with any of these devices.

The Wyze cam outdoor v2 it’s

1-it have issue with motion detection and timing of the length of the video

2- it has disconnected from the base station twice in less then 4 days

3-when I receive it, I charge it to 100% and it’s now 62 % in less Than 4 days, Battery issue !!

This camera it’s simply not ready to perform
You guys needs to go back in the lab and fix this camera,…

And it is not about being cheap… because the v3 cameras are really cheap and they perform like the really expensive ones!!

Fix this deam camera !!

First, I don’t want continuously recording in this camera,

This camera record when motion, detection triggers, an it stop when motion detection stops

My complaining is that in the app, there’s an option to choose the length of the video after motion, detection triggers( start recording )
But it doesn’t matter what length of the video i choose, it will continue to stop recording when motion detection stops, she doesn’t respect the setting, the setting is useless!!

It is easy to go and buy $500 system, but it is not about being cheap or expensive or pay more money
Because the v3 cameras are really cheap, and they perform like the expensive ones!!

Forum Moderators and Mavens are not Wyze employees, we are all users like yourself that volunteer our time to help fellow users with their issues and help run the forum community. This is a user community, even though there are actual Wyze employees that poke their head out around in here every so often.

Unfortunately your not understanding that settings function, that is not how it operates. I explained that above, I’ll link it here again for ease of reference.

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Thanks for letting me know, it’s just the other way around, but don’t you think will be nice to have an option to choose the length of the video when motion detection triggers?

For me, I believe it will be the perfect setting, it will consume more battery of course but instead of having 4 videos of 6scond have 1 of 3 minutes

I can certainly see how that would help in certain use cases. Personally I bypass all this and make sure all my camera installs are wired and I have continuous recording with large high endurance SD cards in the cameras.

Looks like you may need to up your motion sensitivity or increase your detection zone to help increase the event video length.

What a garbage ! I recharge this camera twice in lest that 4 days, connection issues, detection problems to buggy, is not worth a single penny

But I am definitely will get a v3

You guys remove the picture of my retuned Wyze cam v2, and I really don’t care….

at Home Depot there are more than 7000 v2 cameras available…

they really are crap v1 and v2…
Specially the base station ! What a JUNK !!

but I am definitely going to try the new camera… hopefully this one works well.:v:

I have Cam Plus Unlimited Annual and for some reason one WCO V2 doesn’t seem to full take the license. Associated and reassigned license on both Android and IOS and all the settings are there but when any video is played it shows the 12 second warning that if I want longer I need to subscribe.

I have a ticket open with Wyze and submitted a log (1134382).