Make alert-triggered recording length configurable

Currently the product does not allow the user to determine the length of a recording, when the recording was triggered by motion. The fixed-duration recording may not be long enough to allow identification of the person or item that triggered the alert.

That’s what the optional CamPlus service is for.


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You can use Cam Plus like @Loki mentioned.
For the Wyze cam outdoor, you currently can only use Cam Plus for motion recordings. You can use scheduled recordings if you have a specific time you want to record

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Hi Brlepage, you wrote in part: “…You can also use a micro SD card to record motion only…” I haven’t been able to figure out how to do that. Can you point me to the steps, please? Thank you.

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Hello Briepage, thank you for continuing to look at this with me. In following the link you provided and watching the short video associated, I’ve seen that the link appears to reference to Wyze Cam version that plugs into power, not the outdoor cam that is powered by battery.

In comparing the screen shot you gave me against what I see in my iPhone menu structure, the menu structures between the two are differente.

I’m unable to follow the steps you gave me, because I do not have the same options.

So I’m back to square one. Does the Wyze outdoor cam support this feature, or not?

Thank you for any clarification


Unfortunately no, not right now. You can use Cam Plus as @Loki mentioned.

OK. So, is it reasonable to keep my suggestion on your community profile board as-is, that being the case? Specifically, it appears that having an ability to set the length of micro-SD recording for a motion triggered event is available to to one version of Wyze camera (without buying anything), but is not available to the outdoor camera platform (unless I buy something). That’s the crux of my request and I think it is a reasonable one. Your thoughts?

With the outdoor camera, you would need Cam Plus witch is a cloud service, not local or on the camera like an SD card.SD card recording would take up a lot of battery power. Battery power would also be used when reviewing the recordings on the camera. That’s why many brands of battery security cameras(Blink, Ring, Arlo, etc.) use cloud storage. You still have the free 12-second recordings to use.

Sorry Briepage, in my opinion what we are dealing with here is a straight-up initiative to increase revenue. Let’s be honest with each other, OK? I have no problem with Wyze wishing to increase revenue, so let’s stop pretending the decision point is anything else but that. As a consumer, I am perfectly willing to make the informed trade-off between protecting battery power and identifying thieves.

Keep in mind that writing data locally is less expensive, power-wise, than transmitting packets via the camera’s WiFi to the cloud…


John Bednarski

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