Wyze Cam Specs

I currently have a camera that works well, but it only records short 1 minute clips and then once the 60 seconds has finished it takes a 10 second timeout before it re-triggers again. That’s great if a thief came on the property but in that ten seconds if he managed to go around back, I wouldn’t know. Does the Wyze Cam Outdoor keep recording as long as there is movement in the area?

I own two WYZE cam outdoor cameras and would not recommend them to anyone that has real/actual security needs. By default, without an additional subscription to CAM PLUS, the WYZE cam outdoor records 12 second clips about 5 seconds after motion is first detected with a far longer cool down period than you mentioned.

If you’re wiling to subscribe to cam plus, then the theory is the camera will record for up to 5 minutes as long as there is motion with no cool down between events. Currently this is all theory because neither of mine work that way as WYZE continues to release firmware that takes 1-step forward and 2-steps back.

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I’d definitely go with camplus. The Outdoor cam uses PIR motion detection, detects people pretty well, and ignores squirrels that run up and down my deck all day. When I had a V2 camera watching the deck on the back of my building I got a lot of notifications due to squirrels, since pixelation is the motion detection method for V2 and V3.