New update for Outdoor and Base

Got an email yesterday and stating that because I “left a review…regarding frustrations with Wyze Cam Outdoors” they were reaching out to me. Seemed a rather generic form email especially since it didn’t address my concerns and would not change my opinion thus far about the Wyze Cam Outdoor. Still, my biggest issue is the clip length.

It would be great if there was a simple slider that allowed the user to increase/decrease clip length in settings. Even add a “warning” that increasing the record time upon event detection will decrease battery charge based on the default setting of 12 seconds.

It seems that this is a chief complaint among we outdoor cam owners and it hasn’t been addressed. :frowning:


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This sounds similar to how the Blink cameras work.
Wyze has Cam Plus, witch allows full-length motion recordings to be saved to the cloud for 14 days.

A main design element for the outdoor camera was perserving battery life. You have a good idea to adjust event recording length. More have complained about the delay in the recording start after PIR detect (wake up time).

Is this working now?

No, not yet. Maybe @WyzeDongsheng could give an update.

Cam Plus is in the work. We are internally testing it, and expect to roll out to external beta very soon.


Thanks, Good to know!

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Since wyze indicated it was available for outdoor camera and was happy to take my money for the subscription I assumed it would work.

I just purchased the Cam Plus annual subscription without realizing that it doesn’t work with the Outdoor Cam yet. It would be nice it the subscription option asked what type of hardware we have before allowing us to proceed with the purchase.