Cam Plus - Use with the Outdoor Cam?

Can Cam Plus be used with the Outdoor Cam? It won’t show up on my app so it appears it is not an option.

It appears only the Wyze Cams can be used with Cam Plus?

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Cam plus doesn’t currently work with the outdoor camera. It will be available for the outdoor camera soon, Wyze is working on it!

Correct! I have an issue/concern with the 12-second limitation as well. I just chat’ed with then a little while ago and they confirmed that CamPlus is coming to the outdoor cam. At least it will give us CMC.

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Thank you!

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Thank you! I appreciate the information. That will help going forward.

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Yeah, but with CamPlus, the battery drain on the unit will be pretty large. I am betting you would get 20-30 days on a semi-busy area, where there is more than 1 min action per trigger.

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