Outdoor cam and cam plus

I have the outdoor cam set up outside and I have cam plus. I have another camera inside which is the model that does the 360 rotation. On the camera inside, I can look back through the app on my phone through a period of time to see what has happened. I can find no such feature on the outdoor cam. I don’t understand why it has a different feature for one camera versus the other. I also see no difference in the functionality of the outdoor cam since I got cam plus. What is cam plus supposed to do for me that outdoor camera?

Complete motion capture. Without it, you are limited to 12 second clips with a cool down between them. Can plus allows recordings to continue as long as there is motion detected. Outdoor cam does not record all the time like the Pan cam you have, only when motion activates it.

The Wyze Cam Outdoor is feature limited in an attempt to save battery power. If you have power and WiFi available you may be better off with the newer V3 outdoor camera.

CamPlus has some other worthwhile features, chiefly Person Detection.

The trade off between recording time and battery life is pretty obvious. It may also effect the useful life of the camera since the current generation of batteries has a limited number of charges and discharges. I being able to configure a longer record time would be very useful. Perhaps a checkoff that indicates the user understands the trade-offs and consent modification to warranty. I think that it would be reasonable to include such choices in product telemetry in case of support disputes.