Wyze Cam Outdoor & Wyze Plus

I read online that Wyze Plus isn’t supported for the Wyze Cam Outdoor. Does this mean it will have a 5 minute cooldown and can only record 12 seconds at a time? I have the Wyze Cam 2 inside and i bought the Plus so it can record longer and without cooldown, I would need those features, too, if I were to buy the Outdoor.

CamPlus works with the Outdoor Cam.


(It will use more battery though)

The Outdoor Cam also has a setting to change the cooldown, so without camplus you can get a 12 second clip as little as every minute instead of five. (But still only 12 seconds)


and it creates its own wifi? i’m not sure i understand, how can i connect to it if it’s outside the range of my router?

The Outdoor Cam needs the base station to operate (the base station can work with up to four outdoor cams which is why they are sold separately).

The base station has to be hard wired to your router (a future update will allow it to connect wirelessly) but the outdoor cams need to be in range of the base station thats connected to the internet (up to 300 feet away depending on surroundings) for regular use. Travel mode will record without wifi but then you wont get notifications.

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