5 Wyze Outdoor Cam Questions

Two questions. I figure Wyze has had time to work the bugs out of the outdoor cameras so I finally bought one. Might buy two or three more in the near future, but I do have some questions.

  1. I’ve set my recordings for five minutes. Will all recordings now last five minutes even when no motion is detected?

  2. Info in a Wyze email says that with the Cam Plus upgrade" Your full-length videos will automatically be saved to the cloud and accessible from your phone for 14 days even if your Wyze Cam is ever unplugged or stolen." How do I access that cloud-stored video from my phone? How do I view and download it?

  3. The Wyze rabbitear/antennalike device that communicates between the camera and router has a slot for an SD card. I put a 32-gb SD card in the camera. Why does the antenna unit also need one?

  4. What’s the lag time between a recorded event and the when it gets uploaded to the cloud? Stuff from Wyze says in case the camera is stolen, so does upload begin immediately upon detection of motion?

  5. I THINK I subscribed to the Cam Plus upgrade, but material I click on links be back to subscribing all over again. How can I confirm that I am in fact subscribed?

Let me see if I can answer some of this for you.

If you set recordings to 5 minutes, any events being recorded will last for 5 minutes.

You start your Wyze App, go to the Events Tab. This is where you will see all events being recorded to the cloud. When you play an event, you will see an icon with a down arrow, this is what you would click to download the event.

Here is some info from Wyze:

Uploading to the cloud is immediate. When the event occurs, it is passed to the cloud for AI processing and then made available in the events tab

You have a couple of ways:

  • Go here: Wyze Home Monitoring Service . This will take you to the services area of your account. This is where you will see what Services you have subscribed to.

  • In the App, go to the Account menu, go to Services. This is where you will see the services you are subscribed to within the app. Make sure you have Cam Plus selected at the top tp see your Cam Plus Subscriptions


Geez. Thank you, Spamoni4! So now I know. I’ll change that 5-minute recording time and move the SD card to the base station. (That latter bit of info surprises me.) I needed the rest of that too, so thanks again.

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For future reference you may want to keep this handy.