I have the wyze cam og and pay the 1.99 subscription and called them on the phone regarding recordings

The lady said they keep recordings for days / weeks, but now im seeing all those mini recordings wyze takes get deleted after a few hours, making them unavailable.

i want a camera that records everything when motion or sound is detected and continues to do so until it stops and i want this stored on the cloud for at least a few hours , if not a whole day, so I can download it and have it saved. how do i get this to work?

is this not the right camera for me?

Not sure what’s happening, CamPlus records full time of motion detection and stores on the cloud for up to 2 weeks.


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I would add an SD Card and set it for continuous recording. then you are assured you will get the recording to local storage.

Cloud recordings should last 14 days before they are removed. Do you have a ticket number for your call?

i tried to record an event like 10 minutes later and it got stuck on the “downloading…” in the app on my android google pixel 5. and then by 11 pm, two hours later, its only letting my see recent events for the past hour, and all events button doesnt work. now that its like 2-3pm here, i can only see motion detection in the past hour. is there a limit? i thought its storing every single event that occured forever, not keeping a running total of 50 or 100 or whatever. if i have 100 motion captures an hour, is it going to start removing those or will i have 800 motion captures by the end of the day to download if i need to?

all events is not all events. basically if theres a conversation or movement, i want that entire length of time recorded by the camera for continous recording. there is an sd card in the camera, but is it accessible through wifi or do i need to take it out to view its contents? but what about a non sd card option. or a way to stop the camera for some time so i can go and grab all the recordings that happened before they disappear because nothing past 30 minutes to an hour ago ever shows up in my events as theres motion and noise constantly in my home

edit: looks like i can select all and delete myself backwards, as i delete recordings, it shows me the past hours recordings. i just got from 2 pm back to 11 pm, but i still need to get back to 9pm. the problem is all events doesnt let me keep scrolling backwards past an hour. there is no transition on the android app from recent events to all events.

does the browser based portal wyze/live or whatever let you view events as well?

Events in the cloud stay there for 14 days from upload. The only reason an event would be deleted is if you actively delete it from the cloud. Events may not be displayed all at once, you’ll either have to choose the previous day to see that day’s events or continue scrolling down to see closer to midnight on the day you have selected, if you’re only seeing about 20 events, keep scrolling down and more will populate for that day if you have more for that day.

Like I stated, keep scrolling down in the event tab and more events will populate. No matter how many events to the cloud you have, they will be saved in the cloud for 14 days.

Both. You can review the SD card saved footage by live streaming the camera, then clicking on the SD card button on the left hand side just below the live view. Once the button is clicked, you’ll see the timeline populate on the bottom half of the screen and you can move around the timeline to view footage. You will also see your cloud saved events with markers along this timeline as well.

You could also remove the SD card and place it in a computer and view the files that way, if you want to save large chunks of footage. I recommend this way as it’s easier to copy footage from the SD card to your computer then trying to save SD card footage through the app.

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when I hit download nothing happens its stuck on an infinite loading… loop. Can someone help me out here? whats the best way to then save the recordings to get them out of the system that will eventually delete them and reserve them for posterity.

very frustrating how hard it is to download these files? how about a second service i can pay for, that then takes the clips that are temporarily housed and permanently moves them onto another server that will house them forever, or a way to integrate it with some other cloud service like google drive. this aint working for me on a technical level

this app is still stuck on loading . its been on LOADING… forever. I have 65 gigs of storage free on my pixel 5 and yet i cant download a thing onto my phone locally from wyze’s cloud. this is total ass. do i need an iphone to use the app? i’m sorry but I prefer android as the features that we get usually come to iphones around 5-10 years later.

but i guess the features of modern day cloud storage also falls a 10 year delay with wyze

and now of course, an hour later, its too late to keep scrolling down the events. i cant scroll past 10:49 Am , it is not 11:15. the incident occured during a 10 minute timeframe at 10:15. this is total garbage.

update, after 5 minutes of waiting, i have not been able to scroll down to 10:31. great, in another 20 minutes of waiting, ill be able to get back to 10:15 AM EST. And from that point on, I will try to be able to download one clip out of the 17 ill probably need to download, and by the time the phone is done stuck on "loading…"for the next 30 minutes, ill have to go back to events having restarted the app and wait another 40 minutes now to scroll all the way back down to 10:15 am. and thats if im on top of things and wasting my time just staring at the app and not doing ANYTHING ELSE.

THIS IS THE WORST EXPERIENCE WITH AN APP I’VE EVER HAD. THIS IS ABSOLUT ELY GARBAGE ON EVERY CONCEIVABLE LEVEL. I will write forever on just how bad this app and camera system is. What are some entirely different alternatives?

awesome the app AI can detect a pet but it cant not get stuck on “loading…” or hire competent UX/UI developers to help you save your recordings. its as if they designed it to not allow data transferance in an easy way

im currently on 10:58 AM, just waiting, waiting to get to 10:30, so i can go back to 10:15, so i can try to download the 17 5 second clips I need to piece together an important event and have it downloaded. this is ridiculous.

edit: im at 10:40 am now. i cant wait to have this gallery bring up all my items at around the 10:15 mark. too bad theres not a multi select download all feature, so you have to manually download each item in the gallery, or “event” one at a time.

but who am i kidding, the app is going to crash soon. what phone does wyze recommend to use with their app? what phone was tested the most on this app?

now im curious to buy that exact phone just to see if its this bad on their flagship phone for the app

It might be easier for you then to put a SD card into the camera and then when that gets close to full, remove the card and download all the recorded footage into a computer. There was a network storage function in the works for the Wyze router pro that was unfortunately recently dropped.

Are you on the same wifi as your devices? Using mobile? If one. Have you tried switching to the other for troubleshooting?

I prefer Android also, had a pixel 3 forever and now on a 8 pro.

Edit/ Also, since it seems you want alot more footage retention that Wyze can offer in the cloud, you may want to think about other ecosystems or company’s that have a large maybe wired central storage, that’ll save you from all your downloading and uploading from the cloud to a storage area like your trying right now

i want one 15 minute clip downloaded once a week when a certain event on average occurs. not only can wyze not manage this, they cant even let me download their little 2-3 second blips of garbage without traversing the crummiest of UX/UIS only to then be met with the slowiest and unresponsive download abilities from their substandard, non reliable server racks on stacks

where do my downloaded video files even go? system gallery? where the heck is that?
also i have an sd card in the camera, how do i make sure its downloading the last hour onto it? is there a button/feature for that? download the last hours 2-3 second event blips onto the sd card?

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On your phone or device your using the Wyze app on. I still say record to a SD card in the camera, then pull the card at whatever interval you want and download the files from the card that way onto a computer.

I recommend this process whenever the user wants to move a large amount of files as it is an easier process. Plus I think this would be better for you as it would record more footage each event, or 24/7 if you set it to continuously record.

yes, sd card is there, but no where while traversing the wyze app on my phone did i see an option to interface with it. im wonderingwhen i download the events, are they goign to the sd card? its super frustrating to see a 30 second clip, clicking the down arrow button, only to be met with “loading…” each and everytime

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It’s pretty easy to find.

From there you can view what’s saved to the SD card via scrolling the timeline.

No, when your download cloud events from the app they are saved to your phone.

I agree it would be. I am guessing your phone is having an issue downloading from the cloud. Have you tried the troubleshooting steps or thought about the quesions I mentioned yesterday?

i took the sd card out but none of the clips have audio? and i guess whats on the sd is equal to the events i see in the ui of the wyze app?

im almost positive it didnt record audio as I just did an extensive check to make sure it wasnt my computer. other mp4 files play audio just fine. what the heck?? so now that i have the content i wanted fro myesterday at 10 am, now its rendered useless because theres 0 audio??

Was “Record Sound” turned ON ?

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Depends, if your micro SD card recording is set to continuous, you’ll have 24/7 footage on there from as long as it can retain based on card size, and quality chosen. If your micro SD card recording is set to events only. You’ll have atleast a one minute clip that contains your motion, if the motion continues beyond the minute, then next minute will be saved also. The SD card will contain a collection of one minutes files.

And if by UI you mean the SD card timeline viewer, then yes, but it will be one minute files