Got the Cam and dont know how to keep it recording to the cloud

Hi, I just got my wyze2 and wyze pan cam, fully functional however I do not know how to make them constantly record and save it in the cloud for free for 14 days as WYZE advertises. Can the cloud record more than 1 cam at a time?

Continuous recording you have to have a local SD card. The cloud if for motion recording only. You have to go into the settings of the camera and enable events.


Recordings to the cloud are called Events. They are 12 second clips with a 5 minute timeout between them. There is no way (at this time) to increase the length or remove the timeout. They can be triggered by motion/sound/smoke/CO detection. Each type has it’s own 12 second/5 minute limit.

If you want continuous recording, you would need to install a microSD card in the camera. This is independent from the event clips.

If you click the Support link top right of this page, there is tons of info there explaining all of this including how to set it up and view.