Stopped Continuous Recording

My Wyzecam V/2 has stopped continuous recording, even to the cloud?

Do I have to delete the device and reinstall?

How do I set it up to continuous record to the cloud and record notification to the SD card?

It sounds like you have mSD card recording and cloud recording conflated. There is no continuous recording to the cloud. Recording to the mSD card can be continuous or during motion only.

<span style=“text-decoration: underline;”>CLOUD ALERTS:</span> From the camera’s live stream, tap the gear icon, then tap Alert Settings. Choose to record cloud alerts based on motion, sound, smoke alarm and/or CO alarm. Once these are enabled, 12 second clips are sent to the cloud upon detection. Then there is a 5 minute timeout period before the next alert clip of that type can be recorded. To view the cloud alert clips, tap the Notifications tab on the app’s front page. On the Notifications tab, tap the gear icon to enable push notifications when the alerts occur (all or nothing).

<span style=“text-decoration: underline;”>mSD CARD RECORDING:</span> Insert an up to 32GB Class 10 microSD card in the slot in the camera. From the camera’s live stream, tap the gear icon, then tap Advanced Settings. Enable recording to the mSD card with the switch and choose either Events Only or Continuous. If you choose Continuous, recording will be full time until the card is full, at which time the camera will start deleting the oldest video to save the newest. If you choose Events Only, the camera will discard any one-minute segment that does not have motion.

So because of the 5 minute timeout period the camera will miss an event, unless it has a microSD card in it. I don’t get the point of the timeout period, why is it there?

The timeout period is there to make it feasible for Wyze to provide the cloud storage for free. There have been requests to enable unlimited cloud uploads to user-provided storage site and/or provide an unlimited paid cloud option. I don’t know if Wyze is planning on implementing either of these or if so, what the timing would be.

I don’t understand what the timeout period has to do with free cloud storage.

If there was no timeout period, the camera could be uploading continuous video to the cloud, greatly increasing the cloud storage required per camera (by a factor of 25). Given the price point of the camera and the lack of any ongoing cloud storage fees, I think this is a very reasonable compromise.