Saving/Sending event videos

I can no longer find an option to save or send event video recordings in the Wyze app.

Do you mean this? Do you have cam Plus? I had an issues two years ago when my version one Battery powered cams stopped downloading/sharing events. WYZE couldn’t figure it out after about 20 emails and phone calls. When I removed the cams from Cam Plus they would work so I cancelled the cam Plus and got cam plus Lite for the WCO version one cams.

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Thanks, but cam Plus isn’t the problem. I have 1 cam without cam Plus and it has the same problem.
I click on the download symbol and it just zooms in. I find the problem is the Wyze app on my Mac.
The IOS Wyze app on my phone and ipad works as it should.

The Wyze app is not designed to work on a Mac. Side loading/emulating or using the new app compatibility feature Apple added is not officially supported.

Wyze may fix this issue but since it’s working on other devices it’s probably not a priority.