Downloading Events Doesn't Work

I’m using a Wyze Pan Cam v3 and an annual subscription for Cam Plus. I have a 14 second event that I can view in the iOS app but when I try to download it, all I get is an MP4 that’s zero bytes. This applies to AirDropping it, saving it to my iPhone, or trying to send it via iMessage. I can also review the event on the Wyze web view but Wyze does not provide any way to download. I am astounded that nothing works. I know trying to get support from Wyze is not going to happen so anyone got any ideas?

Hey mgibbs

On Wyze web view, using Brave browser (chromium based) w/Windows 10:

If there’s a Mac mouse equivalent, Bob may be your uncle. :slight_smile:

On macOS, under both Brave and Chrome, a right click only offers "Save Video Frame As … " and “Copy Video Frame” … I’d post a screenshot but that’s apparently not an option on this forum.



You can try a reset.

Uninstall the app. Reboot the phone. Install the app and sign in.