Unable to Download Events via CamPlus

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Any updates on this? I haven’t had to download an event for some time. Suddenly have a legal need to, and learned that it has stopped working. Like others, when I select to d/l it gets stuck on "loading’ and eventfully this windows disappears without downloading.

I was able to pull my micro card and get the file that way, but in my CamPlus subscriptions, I should be able to download it directly. (That’s the whole point of purchasing this subscription feature). Worst part is that it just auto renewed for another year, I’m really not happy about that.

IOS 16 and 17, and on my PC, using 2 x Cam v3, Firmware version: Have submitted two logs so far with no response.


I know this is not solving your core problem, I still have same issues as you and found two things.

  1. go to event click download, then even if it appears not to download go back and click on the device (not event) , then pick … more then look in album. SOMETIMES this works

  2. I actually had to cast my event playback to my TV and the video my TV screen when all else failed

Wish Wyze would get the glitches out of video event download

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I have no problems downloading Cam Plus videos on iOS from my three V3 cams. Using iOS 17.0.1, WYZE app firmware 4th gen iPad Pro and iPhone SE2020.

I am having the same issue with downloading events. On Pixel 7pro, on my Mac and Windows devices, there is no DL option when reviewing events. Am I missing something?

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I am also having the same issue.

  1. iPhone/iPad both running latest OS 17.1
  2. Wyze Cam v3 current firmware
  3. Wyze App 2.46.1 (4) on iphone. 2.46.0 (6) on ipad
  4. using memory cards purchased thru Wyze.
  5. Currently attempting to download a 20 sec video. Instead of pulling the card, I use the playback feature to record the segment that I want or need to my phone.
  6. Cam Plus member since 2022.

I keep all software/hardware up to date and nothing seems to fix this issue.

Thank You

Are you pushing the record button during playback from the SD card? The resulting video will be saved to your devices photo/media album
If you are talking about downloading a video event from the events page just use the download icon and it will save on your phone in the photo/media album. If you have not given WYZE permission to all photos you will not get anything.

I have all the same iOS 17.1, app 2.46.1 and can download from WCO, V3 and V3 Pro Cams.

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I have full access already granted to the app. I should have made it clear that the download piece works sometimes and I can’t figure out why it works for some videos and not others. I thought maybe it was the length of the video. Thanks for the reply. Since I can’t download the event I use the record feature to save to my pictures. Currently the video I want to download is 20 sec long. I notice in your picture, you have a 11 second video.

I also have some that are 2 or 3 minutes and have no download problems. The download speed from the Wi-Fi network my iPhone SE2020 connected to is very fast.
A couple over 1 min this morning. Camera is set for recording smart events only not all motion events.

So I have changed from verzion fios to Comcast with no change. I have also added a nighthawk router to my exisiting comcast set. Still nothing. I have done network analysis and everything seems to be ok. I am thinking it might be the memory cards.

It could be. I am using Samsung Pro High Endurance 128GB and 256GB cards in my plug in cams, the V3 cams and the V3 Pro. The 11 second video was the camera saw the window opening on the right and the light flashed off the window. :grin:

I have been having this issue for months affecting all of my 10 Wyze cameras. Sometimes it rarely functions but usually it just spins with the word “Loading” showing. I understand that I can go to “Playback” and record the video but what about my 3 Video Doorbell Pros? They do not allow the use of SD-Cards so that option does not exist! For the first several years I could always download any CamPlus event but several months ago the issue mentioned above appeared and has never been resolved.