Event video not downloading

Event videos are shown as a photo onlydownload attempt is visible but without success.

I can control the camera remotely and the viewing is correct.

Just the event videos not downloading to watch.
Any ideas, suggestions?

Do you have CamPlus, or CamPlus lite, or no CamPlus on that camera?

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If you are getting still image thumbnails in the Events screen, the cam is most likely not assigned to Cam Plus. Depending on the model of the cam, which is unclear by your post, it may also be incompatible with Cam Plus Lite.

  • No Subscription = Thumbnail Snapshots, 5m Cooldown
  • Cam Plus Lite = 12s Video, 5m Cooldown
  • Cam Plus = Full Length Video, No Cooldown

I have three Wyze Cam 1080 Pan cameras. I get still image thumbnails in the Events screen.

I do not have a subscription to any sevice. Is it necessary to have a Cam Plus contract to receive event videos?

Yes. It is. Or Cam Plus Lite.

As posted above:

Note that there are 3 versions of the Pan Cam. The V1, V2, and V3.

The PanV3 is incompatible with Cam Plus Lite.

Thanks for the info.

One more question please…
How do I find out what version of Pan Cam I have?

Model WYZECP1 …
is this V1 by any chance?

I just noticed on the app, for all 3 cameras under the services it says Cam Plus Lite. Must be default, correct?

I believe that is the Cam Pan V1.

Cam Plus Lite is not the default. No subscription is the default. You would have had to subscribe to Cam Plus Lite in the past and assigned all three cams to that subscription.

However, if all three of the cams are listed under the CPL subscription within the Services tab, each should be logging 12s videos to the cloud.

Can you screenshot your Services tab with the Cam Plus Lite header selected?

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According to your last screen shot, you have the cam plus lite service, FYI.

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It does appear as though each of your three PanV1 cams are properly assigned under the Cam Plus Lite subscription you mentioned. This being the case, each cam should be recording and uploading 12s videos to the Events tab with a 5m cooldown timeout between videos.

Normally, if a cam is not recording and uploading the correct type of video to the Events tab, I would suggest unassigning and reassigning the cam from the Cam Plus Lite subscription, however that is impossible if you don’t have a Cam Plus subscription to transfer them to. The alternative is incredibly bothersome.

If your cams are not giving you 12s Event videos, you may be able to resync them with the server by unplugging all three, clearing the app cache, signing out of the app, closing it, signing back into the app, and plugging in all three cams. It is a longshot, but it beats the alternative.

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Thanks s lot. Will do!

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