Event recordings being displayed as either a still image, or generic image and give no error!

I don’t know if this started with the latest app update or the latest firmware update to my Cam Pam v2.

But now when I try to play an event video, the page will either:

  1. Display a single frame of the start of the video, and thats it! No play button or time slider - nothing!
  2. Display a generic out of focus image and no play button or slider or anything else.

And if your response is that “this might happen if the video wasn’t uploaded to the cloud yet/properly”, then my response is that:

  1. I can wait 30 mins and still have the same problem
  2. When either of the above conditions happen, the app wont display any error message. At least with the previous version the app would give an error saying the video could not be downloaded from the cloud. But with this version nada!

If Wyze can’t get their act together with event videos playing reliably, then why am I paying for CamPlus?