Camera v3 stopped recording

I have four cam version three cameras, not on cam plus but suddenly two of those cameras no longer record at all. Why not? I have never had them not record. I don’t need cam plus on them I do have cam plus on other cameras what is going on if I’m being forced to have cam plus I am no longer going to use Wyze cameras.

Your v3 cameras will work with Cam Plus Lite. You can also name the price you want to pay including Zero.

Are you referring to Event Tab, Cloud Upload, Event Recording or microSD Card Playback Recording?

Well, that is interesting. I’ll give it a try thanks

event tab, my other v3’s still show the event videos but 2 do not any longer

Without CamPlus or CamPlus Lite, V3 Cams will only show a Thumbnail Image of an event in the Events tab. They are also subject to a 5m cooldown lockout between upload event thumbnails.

With CamPlus Lite, you can extend the upload to a 12s Video, however they are still subject to the 5m cooldown.

Only CamPlus cams will get full length event videos with no cooldown lockout period.

Verify in the Events Tab Filters Settings (funnel icon) that you either have all your cams checked to show, or nothing checked (clear all). You may not be seeing the thumbnails because a filter is restricting it.

Also verify that your Event Recording settings for the cams is set to Record Motion.

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So I’m curious when that changed and why I still have two cameras that are unaffected that I can still get 12 second videos even though I don’t have cam plus light on them


That change was made nearly a year ago.

The doorbells are exempt. They automatically get 12s video w\o CP because they are incompatible with CPL. Not sure if that is any of your cams.

There have also been reports like yours of cams that have been lingering out there with the 12s video that were on the the Legacy PD plan from prior to CPL. These trickle into the forum only when a firmware update or app update triggers some sort of account change that knocks the cams back to the new basic non-subscription plan. Can’t be sure why yours decided to do that now unless Wyze is auditing the servers to align all the cams to the right subscription service.

ok well, I’ll check out cam plus lite, thanks for the help

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