CamPan v3 No Event video without CamPlus?

I just got two of the new cameras in my house.

I have 10 other Wyze cams so I think I know what I’m doing.

I installed this in my backyard. An event occurred triggered by motion. I went to see the video and there was just a photo. When I pushed Play, it said can’t play the event video without CamPlus.

This is a big change!

Sometime ago, Wyze removed the 12 second Video as a standard. They now only provide a snap shot.

However, they added Cam Plus Lite with a Name your Price option. You can select $0 (free) or anything on up. This will give you the 12 second video back and includes person detection as well. Additionally, if you have Cam Plus, you can add the camera to an available license.

You can go here:

Cam Plus - Get 14-day Cloud Storage & Unlimited Video Recording - Wyze.

Scroll down to Key Features and look at the different services. Cam Plus Lite is the middle option and at the bottom of the list there will be a link for Name your Price.

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I don’t think Lite works with the new cameras, like the CamPan v3.


I just checked, I may be missing something but here is what the Service Page says just below the grid, Pan V3 is there:

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Here is what I found:


Ok, let me check for sure. Don’t want to provide false info.

Give me a minute to check.


I just checked to see if I could add it to Cam Plus Lite and could not. So the information is a bit conflicting. I sent it up.

@pezoba , at this time, I would go with what @WildBill has provided. I tested and could not link my Cam Pan V3 to Cam Plus Lite at this time.


I looked at the page you posted and there is a footnote 4 which I think means the list is for CamPlus, not Lite. This is from Seapup saying new cameras aren’t supported:


Yea, saw that. but then on another page it stated All Cam Plus Services. Guess labeling them Cam Plus and Cam Plus Lite, when it was indicated Services, I figured it was for all Cam Plus Services.

I am still getting Information on it.

Thanks for the correction. :slight_smile:


What is Cam Plus Lite?

Will future devices be able to opt into Cam Plus Lite?


Thanks for clearing this up.


I am only human. LOL


You just need an SD card. The cloud Event will only have a picture, but it will have a Playback button to see the clip off the SD card. :slight_smile:

You will be limited to an event notification every 5 minutes, tho. The card can record continuously, however.


Ok, thanks for the info everyone. I already have a bunch of Wyze cams. I bought these because they looked cool to just play around with them. No video without a subscription… sorry, that’s a no go for me. These two will be returned to Wyze. - Paul


All you need is an SD card to get your video. The SD card will even play the event for hours if you like. No functionality lost, except only 1 notification every 5 minutes (the camera still captures, and notifies you when the event starts). :slight_smile:


Yes, but I have to go retrieve the SD card to watch the video. That’s just not in my use case. Thanks…

You do not. On your cloud event is a “Playback” button. This plays the event from the SD card instead of the cloud. You can do that from anywhere in the world.


Ah ok. Thanks. I’ve never used that. I’ll check it out.


Thank you. I was close to returning the two I just ordered. However, I am going to keep them after reading your post.


I don’t see the playback option you described. When I clicked the playback button it sends a popup asking me for a subscription at the service page. It’s not possible to playback on SD card.

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Can you see the playback button below? The one I have a red arrow pointing to. I am yet to open my wyze pan cam 3, so this screenshot is from a cam2.

If that’s what you clicked and doesn’t work even with an SD card onboard, then I might have to return the two cameras I bought as well.

No mine doesn’t have this playback button. I meant the triangle in a purple circle right below the video.

Mine doesn’t have the playback button you point to. it may be because i don’t have an SD card in my base station.