Pan-Cam v3 record Image ONLY unless subscription

Im not happy. I noticed when my pan-cam v3 recorded an event that it was a still image. I went in to add it to my cam-plus lite and it doesn’t show up there, says no cameras found to add.
I login to Wyze and check, and nothing wrong with my can-plus lite subscription.

Inside the camera settings, there isnt any options to record video.

if im being forced to buy a subscription other than the lite version for this pan-cam v3, id have LOVED to have known that, because I WOULDNT have spent the money on this camera.

So sick of this penny-pinching scheme they run… wyze releases more and more products without fixing existing issues or addressing user complaints…

So over it.

Event Recording type can’t be changed to Video with Cam Plus Lite subscription camera - Cameras - Wyze Forum

That has been massively discussed here on the forums for several months. None of the newer cameras are supported on CamPlus lite - starting with the V3 Pro.


All Cams after April 2022 will host events locally on the SD card. You still get notifications, and you can still use the events tab to see when motion occurred and link to that event location on the SD card. This is similar to how many competitors already do their events too.

In the end, the functionality should basically be the same. There are really only 2 things that are lost without Cam Plus Lite: 1) Person Detection; 2) Shared Users can no longer view events, only the live-stream. So, if a person needs person detection and doesn’t want Cam Plus, or if a person needs to share events with another account, then a V3 or Cam Pan v2 is a better fit for their needs. If a person has cam plus or doesn’t need person detection nor sharing events with another account, then the newer cams are a great option.


Thanks for explaining that carverofchoice, appreciated. Still though, having the pan-cam v3 being so different - subscription wise - from the pan-cam v2 doesnt make sense to me at all, the other v3’s work just fine without all this BS. To me, it seems like wyze is trying to “future-proof” their profits, so as new models come out, less and less of the lite is available/useable (no person detection on v3 pan, but ok on other v’s… its possible its just wyze isnt allowing it), so then people have to subscribe to one of their premium services. BTW: i only see the still image, it doesnt link to the video on the SD card. ive had to look at the time in the image, then go to the SD card and scroll to the time. I have the latest app/os/ios/firmware on everything.
Thanks again for the explanation, i understand it, but think wyze is really doing a disservice to their customers.


My time has come to drop Wyze products. The thought of nickel and diming us has taken its toll on me. I purchased the Cam Pan V3 because it can rotate to tack motion but will not continually record motion without a subscription now this is truly bad on this companies part to do this to their customers that buy their cameras. I own several of the older models and they all record to sd card continually but not the new cam pan v3. This of course is not shown on the box as it would be a negative clue of not to purchase it.

Incorrect. Insert a uSD card and set it up to continuous record. Done. No subscription required.

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