Event Recording type can't be changed to Video with Cam Plus Lite subscription camera

I subscribe 'Cam Plus Lite’. One of my cameras is not event recording the video, instead it only records ‘image’.

I have tried followings:

  1. While trying to setup from Wyze app on my Android phone (Settings->Event Recording->Recording Type->Video), it opens the ‘Cam Plus’ subscription screen
  2. When I go to ‘Cam Plus Lite’ screen on Wyze app on my phone (Account->Services->Cam Plus Lite), I don’t see that camera in the list
  3. When I click on ‘Manage’ button, it alerts me with a message, “Cam Plus Lite can’t be managed in the Wyze app, Please visit the Wyze website to manage your subscription
  4. In the Wyze.com web page, I didn’t find any way to manage camera under ‘Cam Plus Lite’ service

Can anyone tell me how to change the setting of that camera for Event Recording to Video ?

At the bottom of the list (at least in iOS) there is an add camera button. Are any of the cameras subscribed to CamPlus? Did you sign up for CamPlus Lite via the website?

Yes, I have subscribed Cam Plus Lite on Wyze web and all my other cameras are capturing video’, except for one.

I only see the ‘Manage’ button on my phone app.
But when I press that button, the alert message pops up:

I seem to remember a bug in the Android version of the app which causes the add button to be missing. Here is a screenshot from iOS:

I am wondering if that bug is not fixed yet on Android version of app, user should be able to add the camera from Wyze web site.

Did you know, if I could do from web (adding camera) ?

Not as far as I know. You add the camera via the app.

its NOT going to work no matter what… when you go to add it, its going to say "no camera available to add…
log into Home Monitoring & Security Services - Wyze Services After loggin in, you may have to click on your icon (top right) then My Account. Check your lite subscription, i bet it A-OKAY.
then in the Wyze app, get into the lite part, click on Add, and i bet it will say that same message.
I think they are forcing us to get a subscription other than the lite version if we want video recordings…
so sick of their penny-pinching BS… they rather release more products then address issues, or customer complaints… so over this company.
had i known id be forced to get a subscription other than lite to get this damn thing to record video, i wouldn’t have bought the damn thing.
anyway, try the above, i think you are going to have the same issue as i am having.

they will get around making lite availabel for the pan-cam v3 , because they have this posted on their Services Lite page:

ELIGIBLE cameras… wanna bet our cam-pan v3 isnt eligible ?

I was right… screwing over the pan-cam v3 users…

here is how its been explained to me:

Pan-Cam v3 record Image ONLY unless subscription - Cameras - Wyze Forum

totally bogus of wyze. I keep telling myself to get rid of this junk as they will squeeze everyone into their paying per camera per month, steady income for them (hence pushing out more products, less functionality, removing features) instead of focusing on making their customers experience better (better control, more open choices of recording, etc.). greed…


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