Wyze can lite plus

I subscribed to cam lite and can’t seem to toggle the cam in settings

Did you open the app, go to account, tap on cam plus lite and turn it on that way?

I’m having a similar problem adding cameras to my CamLite account. With the app update I lost person detection on my cameras. I went into Account >> Services >> Cam Plus Lite and was able to add only four of my eight cameras. All cameras appear eligible, but four of them won’t load into the Cam Plus Lite account.

I just updated my app UGH!!! Now you have to go to each camera, tap event recording, the chose either image or video…

I’ve been paying for Cam Lite for several months. Now just thumbnails and when trying to change to video the app takes me to a Cam Plus signup page.

See this link

Restarted cams and event recording is capturing video again even though it says it is set to only capture images. This is a cluster.

Are others seeing a delay in the switch over to thumbnails for triggered events? I did not “opt-in” to Cam Plus Lite, yet my events were still showing 12sec clips up until ~4pm today, 7 days after the “deadline”.

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