Cam plus lite doesn't exist

Man this rollout is complete [Mod Edit]. I thought I would just stay with the image, but all I get was a default thumbnail and an ad for cam plus, I tried to enroll in cam plus lite, but it doesn’t exist anywhere.

Tried everything inside the app and nothing works. Tried to follow this video by Wyze, Cam plus lite isn’t even an option on it. Tried to go to Wyze Home Monitoring Service, and the page is complete blank.

So now not only I don’t have video clip anymore, I can’t even see a thumbnail of what is going on without connect to camera for playback. What the heck is going on?

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Try logging in using this link. Make sure your Wyze Services account email address is the same as your Wyze app email address. If you don’t see a Cam Plus Lite subscription on your account, click Add Subscription.


It’s beginning to seem that for at least some customers it is more difficult and taking much, much longer to unlock CamPlus Lite than it takes to unlock the “gun safe”.

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Well FWIW I eventually got it to work. The problem is Wyze keep changing the app/site/procedure, so there are a lot of invalid “official” instructions on how to get it. There must be at least 4 or 5 complete revision since the announcement and anything written for previous versions doesn’t work.


I have Cam plus lite, but Wyze has now disabled the 12-second video function on event recording, providing only images instead. While instructions are offered to switch back to 12-sec event videos, it will not allow me to do so unless I sign up for a “free 14-day trial” (which apparently lapses into a paid subscription that you cannot cancel before hand) of Cam Plus, before they hit me for $20 a year per camera.

I regret investing in these cameras. I can still more or less keep tabs on things using the SD cards, but I guess it is only a matter of time before this EXTREMELY CREEPY company disables that function, too.


Not true. They are still hiding it but Cam Plus Lite can be acquired for free or a price of your choosing.

There are several threads on the topic.

I was already a Cam Plus Lite customer and was donating a monthly amount. The company still deliberately disabled the 12-sec videos and failed to provide clear instructions on how to turn them back on.

Yes, it took a great deal of time, but eventually I was able to by pass the deceptive ads that made it seem like Cam Plus was mandatory, by “adding cameras” to the Cam Plus Lite settings area, which is itself buried deep in the system.

Zillions of customers will be unable (or simply lack the time) to figure all that out, and will be extorted into purchasing Cam Plus even after buying cameras that promised free 12-sec video cloud storage.


I absolutely hate the upgrade. I am looking for a different camera system.

I was totally happy with getting notifications of movement and sound and being able to go on and see the 12 second videos. Then they switched to the thumbnail version and my husband said we needed to upgrade at least to Cam Plus Lite so he could go watch the videos. Then we found that only the person who set up the account has access to that - now he needs to sign in under my login to see the videos.

I used to love Wyze because they were basic and simple. I don’t like Wyze anymore so I’m putting up with this until I get a replacement system in place.

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Its still a very basic camera system,if your wyze login is the same as your husband’s? If so then add cam + lite and pay nothing its free,i set up my neighbors 2 weeks ago and there happy

Are you saying that Sharing changed with the new plan? I’ve never seen that asserted. Lite is supposed to restore exactly the same 12 second recordings and features as existed before, with person detection added.

The “upgrade” is what thousands of Wyze customers discovered, when the App spontaneously disabled 12-sec videos with no instructions on how to restore them.

I had to dig pretty far to find a video showing the hidden path to flip the 12-sec video switch back on, and I already had Cam Plus Lite.

So yes, the service is still available on Cam Plus Lite. It has to be, because the cameras were sold with that free service attached.

But the company tried to bully people into an upgrade. I resent that.

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And I don’t blame you. Some of us saw this dissatisfaction coming a mile away.

Well most people check there cams daily, with that said if they don’t…o well also there was alot of email/text msg blast that went out to all registered customers.

" o well also there was alot of email/text msg blast that went out to all registered customers."

Much or most of it misleading. I took the extra 15 minutes to sign up for Cam Lite Plus as instructed, and even earmarked a little money each month.

Nonetheless, the app automatically switched off my 12-sec videos, with no instructions how to turn them back on. The only solution presented was a full upgrade at the cost of $20 per camera. I wonder how many thousands of people were probably deceived in this way?

It was a creepy and manipulative thing to do, and I will never trust this company again.

So creepy in fact, that we doubt we really should be providing sensitive imagery to such a sleazy operation in the first place.

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That is correct. As a shared user, he could only see thumbnails, no playbacks.

When he clicked on a thumbnail, the site kept giving pop-ups that he needed to upgrade to Cam Plus Lite. He even tried accepting the prompt to upgrade to see what would happen but the system wouldn’t respond to his request. He had restarted his phone after I upgraded our account so it wasn’t a user error.

Totally agree with you. Not liking the forced change.

To one other forum responder’s point about “they warned us this was coming” - I got all the emails and read them. It appeared to be optional until suddenly its not.

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And I don’t blame you. Some of us saw this dissatisfaction coming a mile away.

First, as I said, it’s your dissatisfaction we saw coming. I was not simply saying you were warned.

Second, if what you were previously sharing were 12 second clips, that should return if you’ve signed up for Lite.

Third, it may be that sharing SD recordings was never possible before either. (That’s what the thumbnails link to.). I don’t know either way as I’ve never tried it.

Its simple and free,my neighbor who is 89 years old has 8 cams and he did his free updates in less than 5 minutes, so it cant be that bad of an issue

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Yep can’t trust these greedy people … spread the word