Person detection not working with Cam Plus Lite

I have cam plus lite. Up until recently, it would detect a person, but right now, nothing is tagged as person even when there is a person in the video.

Have you checked each cameras settings? Check Event Recording - Smart Detections and make sure Person Detection is still toggled on.

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Thanks. It looks like smart detection is off but when I try turn it back on it says I need to subscribe to cam plus even though I have subscribed to cam plus lite.


In the App go in to Account - Services and see if your cameras are assigned to your Cam plus lite.

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Yeah, all my cameras are assigned to Cam Plus Lite in Account > Services.

Out of curiosity, do you have detection zones turned on? And if you turn them off do you get person detections.

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The new interface is a bit confusing. Can you confirm you have these selected?

Then click “Smart Detections” for this screen:

If you try to select “Smart detection events” on the 1st screen, it would say you need Cam Plus.

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I have exactly the same problem. Person detection has randomly stopped detecting people with my wyze cameras (1x V2 Cam and 2x V1 Outdoor Cam). Person detection has worked great for a long time but suddenly stopped working. It isn’t notifications because person events aren’t evening appearing in app.

Cameras all show smart detection enabled

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@IL1 yes, I have Record motion events selected, but when I click on “Smart Detections” and try to enable “Person Detection” it says I need to subscribe to Cam Plus.

@churwitz You might want to talk to Support about this. I had smart detection settings reset before, but my Wyze Cam V3 never asked me to subscribe to Cam Plus…

@dave26 Believe it or not, I have the opposite problem since last week. One of my floodlights (with Wyze Cam V3) has been tagging something in my backyard as Person whenever it detected motions (usually from car headlights). I believe @peepeep mentioned Person detection not working recently in another post under AI. I do believe person detection has gone backwards since last week’s AI update… I keep submitting videos but it may take another month at least for things to improve.

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One more thing to try is clearing the App Cache. In the App go to Accounts - App Settings and click Clear.

Thanks @StevenA but that didn’t work either. Cleared App Cache, logged out of app, logged back in, restarted camera but still having the same issue. Will try contact support.

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Sorry, missed this one. Detection zones are not turned on.

While you are waiting for Support to respond, you could create a new Cam Plus Lite account with a different email. With Name Your Own Price including Zero, it won’t cost you anything. Assign at least one camera to the new CPL account and see if the issue is with your original CPL account. Good luck.

That requires a new account for all of the Wyze devices, not just CamPlus Lite.

I got it working!

  1. I unsubscribed from Cam Plus Lite (when I looked at Cam Plus Lite it said “Name Your Price - Web”, so I had to go to the web and unsubscribe
  2. Then I resubscribed from the phone and all appears to be working (fingers crossed)

Support was unhelpful and made me repeat all the suggestions here even though I gave them the thread to show what’s been tried. Then they wanted me to factory reset all my cams which I didn’t want to do.

Thanks for everyone’s help!